Only 10 kilometers from Stavros, on the 75th kilometer of the old road Thessaloniki – Kavala exactly , right next to the main road, there is the church of Agia Marina. It was built in the 18th century.

A legend says that in that area one priest had his own vineyards. In one dream, Saint Marina appeared to him and showed him the tree in which her icon was. She ordered him to build a church dedicated to her and put the icon in it. The tree was cut, and there was the icon inside of it indeed, and so began the construction of this stone church.

The icon depicts Saint Marina, and is believed to be miraculous and that many have cured their illness before it. The icon is believed to be miraculous and that many have cured their illnesses in front of icon. Every year, on July 17, there is a celebration dedicated to St. Marina.

The little church was built in the magnificent, green Retina gorge in the archeological area of ​​the Ancient Arethus, on the ruins of the temple in honor of Artemis. The whole area consists of a large number of gorges, hills and rivers, and it covers the whole range from lake Volvi to Strimonikos bay, between the mountains of Holomon and Kerdilia.

As this natural paradise is located not far from Thessaloniki, it is very popular as a place for rest and picnic in untouched natural surroundings.

If possible, make sure to visit this sacred place, enjoy the beauty and tranquility that it provides.