Maries village is located 200m above sea level, 12km northeast of the Skala Maries. It can also be reached via the Limenaria road, a pleasant ride through olive groves and pines. There are about 700 residents who are mainly engaged in livestock and beekeeping. On the way to the village, you will pass by the monastery of the Most Holy Theotokos or Panagia (Panagouda).

According to one legend, the village was once completely destroyed by pirates. Only two women survived the pirate attack, both named Maria. Hence the name Maries (Mary).

Maries dates from Byzantine times. It is interesting because of its narrow streets and old houses, made in the traditional, Greek-style. This is where the spirit of ancient Greece can be felt. There are a small shop and two tavernas in the village. Maries village is usually not interesting to tourists, as it does not offer any tourist facilities.

A few kilometers above the village, there is a small lake with beautiful waterfalls. The road to the lake is earthy and dusty. Besides the lake, you can buy homemade honey and olive oil, and there is plenty of space for a picnic. The lake and stream are rich in fish, but during the dry summer months sometimes it can be drained completely.

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