Maries, a village with a population of 700 is attractive because of it's narrow streets and old-fashioned looking houses. You get to Maries through a pleasant landscape of olives and pines. Here, you will feel the spirit of old Greece. Lake Genna with beautiful waterfalls is located few kilometers above the village. There is a monastery near Maries, dedicated to The Dormition of virgin Mary, with special relic of great value - Icon of St. Theotokos, Virgin Mary.

You will reach Maries after a pleasant drive by the olive trees and pine trees… On the way to the village you will pass the church of Our Lady or Panagoud. The village is attractive due to its narrow streets and traditional houses. This is where you will feel the spirit of the old Greece. A few kilometers above the village is a small lake with beautiful cascades. The road to the lake is made of dirt and it is dusty. You can purchase olive oil and honey by the lake, and there is plenty of room for a picnic. There is fish in the stream and the lake.

The village dates back to Byzantine Empire. It is located 12 km northeast from Maries scale, but you can reach it by the road from Limenaria. Maries is on 200 m above sea level and has around 700 villagers who are into cattle breeding and bee keeping. According to the legend, on one occasion the village was completely destroyed by the pirates. The pirate attack was survived by only two women, both named Maria. That’s how it got its name, Maries. There is a small shop and a tavern in the village. The village of Maries is usually not of any interest to the tourists, since it has nothing to offer to them.