Kriaritsi beach is located in the south of Sithonia and belongs to the city Sikia. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Sithonia. It is a long beach (about 1km) wide, with slightly bigger sand, very clear water and beautiful blue water. On the beach there are two bars, restaurant and showers. Beach chairs and umbrellas are not paid, but are included with the a drink or coffee.

In the back of the beach is a part of a camp. The water depth is gradually growing, but this beach is not for families with children who prefer shallow, it is more for swimmers. In addition to the central bay, there is one other, small, nudistic beach, also very beautiful. Kriaritsi beach is usually without the crowd and is ideal for those who do not like popular beaches. Umbrellas and sunbeds occupy a small part of the beach, but the most part is available for visitors who have their umbrellas and towels.
This beach is not exactly near the road, and it is best to enter the GPS coordinates (N 40.0260905 24.0164388 E) or to write Kriartisti beach on Google maps to reach it.

Nearby are the beaches Tigania, Klimataria and Tourkolimnionas, so if you want you can visit several great beaches in one day, this is a perfect choice. After sunset on the beach Kriaritsi stop for dinner at the restaurant “ 5 steps in the sand ” or some other restaurant on the beach Limanaki at Sikia, to extend the enjoyment until the late hours.

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