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  • Sea View
  • Baby cot on request
  • Internet access
  • Private parking
  • Garden
  • Quiet location
  • Kitchen
  • Air conditioner
  • Outdoor barbecue
  • Sandy Beach
  • In the town center
  • Close to beach
  • TV
  • Mosquitos Nets
  • Hair dryer
  • Recommended

Owner's description

Hatzis House is a family enterprise of vacation rental apartments located on the beach of Nikiti in Sithonia, Halkidiki. The owners George and Panagiota Hatzis are tourism professionals for forty years, during which they strived to evolve and upgrade services to customers. Their son Sakis is actively involved in running the web aspect of the business, being responsible for developing and maintaining this site. We are a small independent enterprise with limited resources, operating in a volatile and highly competitive environment. We therefore believe that the only way for growth and success is the strict commitment to our vision, mission and values.

  • Vision: To be the first choice for apartments in Nikiti.
  • Mission: To properly serve all our guests and enhance their holiday experience so they would love our place and keep coming back.
  • Values: Fairness and respect in our dealings with our customers.

Quality services which are continuously improved. We consider our customers as guests and not just foreigners who are looking for accommodation in order to spend a few nights. We love our land, its history and tradition. We believe that the things that connect us to the past are our guide to the future. Tourism is an activity that is primarily social rather than economic. Therefore it should be approached in a professional way by putting emphasis to social aspects like friendliness, hospitality and cultural interchange. It should not be viewed merely as an opportunistic occupation that aims to seasonal profit. Hard work characterizes us and we believe that at the end it is rewarded.

We are located just a few meters from the beach of Nikiti, at the beginning of the Sithonia peninsula in Chalkidiki.

We offer spacious and well equipped apartments in our house surrounded by a beautiful garden.

We have a spacious garden dominated by a large pine tree that offers its shadow to our visitors. The big table under the pine tree is an ideal place for taking your meals or for relaxed chatting. Even in the hottest summer days the shadow of the tree keeps the place cool. At the back yard there is a barbecue where you may grill fish or meat. At early spring, we plant various flowers in the garden beds. This results to colorful combinations when the flowers flourish. The garden is watered by a small private well. That way we help to preserve the precious water resources of Sithonia.

The apartments we offer are of two types, single-bedroom and double-bedroom. The single-bedroom type have one room with three beds in it, a kitchen and bathroom. The double-bedroom apartments have two rooms with five beds in total, a kitchen and bathroom. Each apartment has a spacious private balcony with chairs and table. Typically, the single-bedroom facilities are suitable for couples or families with a one kid. There are three beds inside the bedroom, so a family with two young kids may be comfortably accommodated as well. The double-bedroom are suitable for larger families or group of people. All kitchens are in their own space, separated from bedrooms and have complete culinary equipment, large refrigerator and electric oven. Hence, you may cook and store your own food which could save you money otherwise spent in restaurants. Additionally, all apartments have TV and air-condition. Since we operate until early winter, we provide central heating as well. Furthermore, we provide free access to the Internet via WiFi and also free parking space for our visitors cars.

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Odličan izbor za porodično letovanje


Nikiti je prijatno i tiho mesto, a Hatzis House je vrlo dobar i povoljan izbor za porodične ljude, naročito sa dvoje ili troje dece. Nalazi se na odličnoj lokaciji (blizu glavnog šetališta i gradske plaže, a ipak u tihoj ulici), pruža osnovni komfor po pristupačnoj ceni, a vlasnici kuće u njoj i žive, što umanjuje rizik za goste i pomaže u slučaju bilo kakvih problematičnih situacija do kojih može doći tokom boravka. Kuća je starija, ali čista i lepo održavana, nameštaj je pristojan, uz dovoljno prostora za odlaganje odeće. Na svakom prozoru postoje mrežice protiv insekata. Kuhinja je solidno opremljena, sa izuzetkom šporeta (bar u apartmanu u kojem smo mi bili) - prektično se raspada. Pored toga, najveća mana bi bio izostanak čišćenja (moguće da se posebno naplaćuje???) i zamena posteljine i peškira tek na inicijativu gostiju (i to od strane gostiju), što je dodatno otežano jezičkom barijerom, budući da domaćin (koji je inaće ljubazan i prijatan čovek) ne govori engleski pa se složeniji razgovori vode uz pomoć treće osobe (telefonom). Sve u svemu, i pored izvesnih mana, mi smo bili zadovoljni i došli bismo ponovo.

Lokacija; mir; čistoća kuće; ljubazni domaćini
Opremeljenost kuhinje (u velikom apartmanu); nedostatak čišćenja; zamena posteljine i peškira



Boravak u Hatzis house


Cetvoroclana porodica boravila je u ovom smestaju dve nedelje u avgustu, lokacija odlicna, parking velik, soba prostrana, terasa divna, mirno je! Problem je bila komunikacija sa gazdom koji ne zna ni jedan jezik sem grckog.Sporet nam nije radio,uspeli smo preko telefona sa njegovim sinom da se sporazumemo i sporet je bio kupljen nov vec sutra ujutru.Higijena nije na zavidnom nivou,posteljinu i peskire smo dobili da zamenimo na pet dana,za ciscenje smo imali dzoger i metlu.Smestaj je kao na slici, nema iznenadjenja!

Lokacija, parking, terasa, dvoriste
Gazda ne zna ni jedan jezik sem grckog, higijena

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In these comments it is best to ask the questions regarding accommodation description, rooms, location etc. And for the things like arrival and departure dates, number of guests etc. it's best to contact us via email Also, we will answer to your comments via email so please check your inbox.



    Nenad24.07.2017 12:14:59

    Poštovani, interesuje me da li imate slobodnu 5-krevetnu sobu iz ladt minute ponude od 12. do 19.8. ili od 13. do 19.08. + jednu 3-krevetnu u istom terminu.


    Srdjan Marković24.07.2017 10:17:27

    We need 4bed app from about 01-08.08.2017. (7days). Best regards!


    Dragan24.07.2017 00:24:42

    Da li imate slobodan smestaj za cetvoroclanu porodicu, od 29.7 do 5.8, i koja je cena?


    Biljana23.07.2017 13:52:11

    Da li imate slobodan cetvorokrevetni apartman za dvoje odraslih i dvoje dece (16 god) u terminu od 25.07. do 01.08. i koja je cena?


    Marija22.07.2017 13:58:10

    Hi. We are couple with baby and we want to ask if you have free double bed studio or apartment for the period from 12th August to 26th August and what is the price ? Thanks in advance. Best regards, Marija.


    Srecko22.07.2017 12:55:45

    Zanima me smestaj u periodu od 01.09. do 10.09.2017. Dve odrasle osobe i dvoje dece 5 i 1 god.Da li ima slobodnih mesta i cena?


    Olja 20.07.2017 14:15:12

    Dobar dan interesuje me smestaj za 2 odraslih i dvoje dece.Termin od 22.07.2017 god.Cena i da li je slobodno.Unapred hvala.


    Tatjana14.07.2017 23:20:36

    Smeštaj za petočlanu porodicu, deca starosti 11, 9 i 5 godina. Odgovara i četvorokrevetni apartman, sa bar jednom spavaćom sobom. Termin od 16.-31.07., 10 ili više dana, može i svih 15. Cena?


    Milan10.07.2017 23:15:36

    Dobar dan Molim vas recite mi da li imate slobodan smestaj za 2 odraslih i 3 dece 14,11,9 godina.Za datum od 30.07 pa moze 10 noci a i vise. Pozdrav


    Tomislav Tanevski10.07.2017 15:35:30

    Hi, I need accommodation for 4 adult persons for the period 14.08. - 24.08.17. Best regards, Tomislav Tanevski