Masking has been around since the earliest civilizations discovered by archeology. Why does the man have the need for a mask? Probably because he feels the need to be someone else just for a little while, to step out of the boundaries of the society even for a short period of time. With the mask, he gets the courage to do something he wouldn’t be able to without it.

The masquerades and carnival trace their roots back to pagan times, back when our ancestors masked themselves as horrific monsters in order to scare winter away and summon spring, for example.

Be as it may, the carnival on Thasos starts about 10 days before the Big Easter fast. The first day of the carnival is Thursday, the so called “ciknopempti”. On that day, the children walk through the streets wearing masks. Each village on the island abounds in various colors of the children’s masks and the variety of their imagination.

So, ciknopempti is the beginning of it. And the most interesting part comes at the end…

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