Author of the text: Ivan Milicnic

We have already talked about the travel insurance and how it is one of the things that you should definitely have with you while traveling. The medications that doctors prescribe you while you are on holiday are usually covered by the insurance. When you buy them you should pay for them and when you get back to Serbia apply for the refund. There is also a chance for your application to be denied if the insurance company thinks that the medications weren’t needed. For that reason it is always better to take some medications with you while traveling.

Medications for the chronic diseases are not covered by any insurance.

This is a list of the things that you could find useful while traveling and is always for the best to take them with you:

1. Drugs for the pain (headache, injuries, toothache etc.)
2. Drugs for the temperature (high temperature is often a consequence of heat stroke)
3. Drugs for the stomach (tourists usually have the problem with stomach because of different diet on holidays)
4. Drugs for the travel sickness
5. Drugs for allergies (even if you never had any problems in the past)
6. Sun screen (don’t forget to put sun protection before exposing yourself to the sun)
7. Spray for the disinfection of small wounds (hydrogen, iodine or something similar for the scratches)
8. Cream or a gel for the sport injuries
9. Anti allergic cream for the insect bites and jelly fish burns
10. Patches
11. Bandages
12. Tweezer
13. Thermometer
14. Nose drops
15. Throat pills

Sometimes tourists have problems with ears because of the wind and water so its good to have Otol H drops.