Every year after the Easter, an icon and a sacred wedge are carried from a small chapel in Theologos to the monastery of St. Archangel Michael.
The icon is carried over the mountain, some 20 kilometers away. Traditionally icon follows a large number of islanders.
This year’s departure was around 14h. A small chapel is full of people. The departure is from the church and the youngsters, the elderly and the children are joining the procession till the exit from Teologos. On the terraces of almost all houses a host with a rifle and at the moment when the procession with the icon is passing by the house you can hear shooting. No matter how much I despise the weapon, and especially its use as an expression of happiness and joy, this time I did not bemoan, on the contrary every shot in me caused a mild dam because of the intensity of the faith that was felt in the Lord, which was obvious that day.
Crossing over a wooden bridge above the stream you will find the way out of the village.

Immediately afterwards, the incredibly beautiful and diverse landscapes begin to shift. I could not hold myself from looking at how many people are following the saint.
It’s really a wonderful feeling to be in a large group of strangers, and know that at that moment everything connects you with some exalted feeling and that you are, in a certain way, all together in something that is raising us from the earthly, transitory.

In certain places, usually in beautiful slopes, we rested and waited for everyone to gather, so that, as they say, they would greet the Savior and then all along again continue their journey. Among the people there were a lot of old people and children and their will to cross 20 thousand quite a tiresome miles, is really touching.
When, after 4 hours of hiking over a hundred hills and downhill, valleys, narrow trails and steep slopes, you see the sea and its infinity, you forget about the tides and you really feel that you can fly.
By taking that tour, we were celebrating the Creator of that beautiful sea and that beautiful nature.

From the place where the sea first appear, to our destination, ie. monastery, we are separated by the last downhill and olive grove. As we slowly descend down the hill, we are getting a clearer picture of the monastery and the large number of people who are waiting for us to worship the icons and the sacred wedge.
That scene and enthusiasm with witch our parade is expected are really breathtaking.
For travelers, of course, there is arranged service in the monastery, and the monastery cages for rest are also ready, because tomorrow we are waiting for a new day when we go back to Teologos the same way.

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