SITHONIA - each year more expensive, but there are many reasons behind it.

Sithonia really is a pearl of Greece, and its beaches can be compared with the ones on the most beautiful islands. Considering that Sithonia is yet to be discovered, its popilarity, but also the prices will probably continue to be raised. There are many reasons why Sithonia is number one destination in North Greece. We will mention some of them, and you can add in the comments if you agree or not and what would you specify as advantage or disadvantage of Sithonia.

1. Sithonia is literally full of beaches, there are more than 70 on relatively small area.

2. Beaches are very diverse and everyone can find something he/she likes: long, small and hidden, with natural shade, with tiny sand and shallow, wild and hidden bays, organized with modern beach bars, popular with many visitors and those isolated and perfect to stay alone, nudist, suitable for campers…

3. Nine small islands across Vourvourou belongs to Sithonia and you can visit it by boat and enjoy in exotic and wild beaches.

4. From Sithonia you can also reach mount Athos and the island Ammouliani.

5. Places on Sithonia are also very diverse and again there is something for everyone’s taste. Starting from small fisherman’s villages like Porto Koufo, Ormos Panagias and Pirgadikia, then Metamorfosi which is air spa, semi-developed Nikiti and very popular, vivid and vibrant Sarti and Neos Marmaras, Toroni for families, very peaceful Kalamitsi, Sykia, Vourvourou, but also traditional ones like old Nikiti, Agios Nikolaos… And there are also Gerakini and Psakoudia as introduction to Sithonia.

6. Sithonia is very close to Thessaloniki and to the airport.

7. There are few supermarkets which are part of big supermarket chains - Lidl, Masoutis, Galaksias…

8. Sithonia is not an island, but its beaches can be compared with the most beautiful beaches of the most beautiful islands. There is no ferry boat so it is easier, faster and cheaper to get there.

9. Sithonia has accommodation of all categories, luxury all inclusive hotels, apartments, studios and rooms for visitors with lower budget.

Are there any other disadvantages of Sithonia except being more popular and more visited? According to us, no.

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