Your impressions:

There will not be a lot of text, because many things are already written… Here are my pictures :D This is how we came and left… First day, beach Notos. Second day, beach San Antonio. Third day, beach Atspas (Skala Marion). Fourth day - Trypiti. Fifth day, cruising with small boat, Giola, beach under the Holy Archangels Greek Orthodox Monastery, Holy Archangels Greek Orthodox Monastery, beach Alyki, my birthday - NikAna and her crew. Sixth day, Limenaria and beach Metalia. Seventh day, Saliara (Marble beach), Panagia, Chrissi Ammoudia (Golden beach) and Ipsarion. Eighth day, Psili Ammos. Ninth day, Potos - city beach. Tenth day, beach Pachis.