Today was a beautiful day for a walk. As I mentioned somewhere, a footpath between Pefkari and Limenaria was made, and I hope that it will be completed between Pekfari and Potos.

Now you can easily reach Limenaria from Pefkari, taking a light walk through the beautiful nature. The track is ideal for those who like to jog. On the way to Limenaria, you will pass along several beautiful wild bays, astrological signs, Metalia, the church of St. Nicholas and Palathaki, from where the most beautiful view of Limenari and Metalija is provided. It’s spring now, it’s still not so warm, nature is beautiful and the scent of the sea is more intense. After the walk we moved on by car to Kallirachi. Due to bad weather and waves in Potos and Limenaria, Skala Kallirachi is natural choice aqnd the quiet harbor for boats and yachts.
This year, the famous Greek company TCH Yachting gets its representative office in Potos. The owner of the company was born in Potos. He owns a dozen yachts, from 8m to 40m. What could I say to you, I did not want to take too many photos, because I didn’t want the others to think that I was the first time on a yacht (although I was), I did not know that I would have to wear boots in order to go in, I would not wear the very funny striped socks that you can see, but it’s all in the past now. :-)
This yacht has 4 bedrooms and a living room, of course, the Internet, several TVs, a kitchen… The reason I went to see it is that I will soon place the yacht rental conditions with all the details on my site. I liked the fact that in one day you can go skiing on Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos and some other islands along the way, with the rest of the few hours in between. The cost of going to Skiathos and back is around 3000e, and the fuel is additionally paid for around 2000e. You can reach the Holy Mountain in less than half an hour, as well as Limnos, Samothraki, etc. On the yacht are hairdresser, makeup artist, baby sitter, chef, service, water sports, so the trip to the island is not at all boring. Of course, you can rent a yacht and create your own day. If you gather larger groups yacht rent does not have to be so exclusive thing. Considering that this year there will be a Russian on Thassos, the arrival of the yacht was an expected event. The official opening of the office will be on April 30th.

And so we looked at the yachts, and we went back filled with impressions. We passed through the Maries, the sea was very restless, but also romantic, so we decided to stay in the garden of a restaurant on the shores of the Skala Maries. The restaurant is called Armeno, and it is on the beach. We ordered a “hortopita” as an appetizer and for the first time I tried the pie without a crust made of nettle, dandelion and some other wild “grass” and I really liked it.

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