If you are a Serbian citizen and find yourself in Greece without a passport, whether you have lost it or it has been stolen, you can return to Serbia with a travel document, which you can obtain at the nearest diplomatic-consular representation of Serbia, i.e. at the Embassy in Athens or the Consulate General in Thessaloniki.

The procedure for issuing a travel document is as follows:

  1. Step 1 ✔ It is necessary to report the loss of the passport at the nearest police station where you will receive a confirmation, or a police report, stating that your passport has been stolen or lost. To obtain such confirmation, it is necessary to know the number of your passport. In such situations, it is best to have a copy of your passport or a photo of your passport on your phone, or to have saved the passport number in another way. If you are traveling organized by an agency, they have the passport number on the list of passengers along with your name.

If you are unable to obtain a copy or the passport number in any of these ways, you need to contact the diplomatic-consular representation of Serbia, which will request the Ministry of Interior of Serbia to provide data on the issued passport, based on which a confirmation of passport possession (in Greek) with the number and other details will be issued to you. With this confirmation, you can request a police report.

  1. Step 2 ✔ Initiating the procedure for issuing a travel document at the consulate, including collecting additional documents and filling out forms. For a successful transition to the third step, you will need the following:

a) police confirmation

b) completed application (if it concerns a minor, consent of both parents is necessary)

c) a statement briefly outlining the circumstances under which you lost your passport

d) two photos (size 3.5 x 4.5 cm)

e) identification document (ID card, possibly a copy of the ID card or passport).

If you do not have an identification document, the consulate will request biometric data from the Ministry of Interior of Serbia (if this has not already been done when obtaining data on the issued passport).

  1. Step 3 ✔ Once the documentation is complete and if there are no obstacles, the travel document is issued immediately. If verification of data with the Ministry of Interior of Serbia is required, it will take additional time (a few hours). The fee for issuing a travel document is €43.

Please note that the travel document is valid only for travel to Serbia, including any transit on the way to Serbia. Upon return to the country, an application for a new passport must be submitted.
It is important to note that in emergencies, you can contact the consulate for a travel document outside working hours, including weekends, holidays, etc. Additional information can be obtained at the Embassy in Athens or Consulate General in Thessaloniki.

Serbian citizens living or staying in Greece for an extended period can also apply for a new passport in case of passport loss, instead of a travel document. The application can be submitted at the Embassy in Athens, and the fee is €118 (€64 for a new passport and €54 for declaring the old passport invalid). The waiting period for a new passport is approximately three weeks.

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