On Thassos there is a lot of phone booths from which one can make calls using the classic HALO cards, and the use of so-called “Face” (talk-talk) cards, which operates by typing the password and the numbers printed on the back of the card.

Classic HALO cards usually cost 4 euros and are not cost effective because they provide only fifteen minutes of conversation with fixed telephony in Serbia.

“Face” card costs 5 euros and is very cost effective since it provides an hour and twenty minutes of conversation with fixed telephony in Serbia and with the European Union countries even longer. If you are calling mobile phone numbers pulses are more than twice as expensive. This card can be used at any of the booths, as well from fixed and mobile phones. It works by scratching the coating applied over a card, call the number written on the back (807 2003 for calls to Serbia from the booth or from any landline phone, 210 95 58 600 for calls from a mobile phone), select the language in which you listen to the instructions on the next steps (Serbian language is not offered, but the English and Russian are), you type in your code from the card, press #, and finally enter the desired number. Before establishing a connection to the number dialed, the voice message will notify you of the remaining credit on the card.

“Face” card can be purchased at newsstands and supermarkets.

What casts a shadow on the value and comfort of use “Face” card is the impossibility of obtaining the connection and the connection with the wrong numbers, which often happens at the peak of the tourist season, most likely due to overload.

On this island you can definitely use your own mobile numbers, in which case are applicable tariffs for calls in roaming,  which is not very economic. You can also buy some of the Greek mobile numbers. The most convenient such a number is obtained by the so-called “Q” card, which costs 5 euros, and any subsequent amendments. Messages sent to Serbia with the Greek mobile number costs only 2 euro cents, which is much lower compared to the price of a message to Serbian mobile numbers in roaming which costs around 30 dinars.

There are post offices both in Limenas and Limenaria. In other places there is no post office, but there are mailboxes in which you can insert your letters and postcards. Envelopes, postcards and stamps are sold at newsstands and in some supermarkets.