Finally my own travel agency. I was waiting and waiting and it finally happened! :-)

Agency is located in the center of Potos, across the church, on the ground floor of villa Balkan house.

Its name is very simple - Nikana Travel :-)

Honestly, we have tried to separate agency from my name so we came up with names like island-thassos, booking-thassos, but it didn’t go well. All are constantly searching for Nikana so I have decided to keep up with that name and to name an agency like that.

In agency, like last year, I will be only in the afternoon, after I finish answering on your emails. In the morning, in the agency there will be someone who will help you with everything that you need.

It doesn’t matter if you booked your accommodation through our website or not, in agency there will always be one laptop for all those who would like to use internet for a while and for emergency cases we can borrow you our phone. Of course, in agency you can get information about all excursions, you can get our card for discount (as our customer) and instructions how to move around island. As I announced last year, the library is already there, so you can borrow the books for reading and leave some that you don’t need anymore. Simply said, if you need any help we are on your disposal, and I hope that this year I will have more time to hang out with you.

P.S. Take a look at the picture our new logo! I got it as a gift from one satisfied customer, Goran Tadić (Brand Master). I want to thank him and I hope that you like it too.