Do you want to send the deposit to the owner of the apartment by a credit card, but you are not sure how to do it?
Paysend is the cheapest and a very trustful way of money transfer to Greece and in generally to other countries.
This service can be used only if you have a bank account or a credit card. Firstly you should register on the website and then you should follow the easy steps in order to transfer money.

Commission for deposit transfer to the owner’s account in Greece is fixed and it is 1,5€ until 150€, while for the higher amounts it is 1% from the total price. When you are transferring money, make sure you put the exact amount that the owner suppose to receive, so the commission of the transfer wouldn’t be charged to him.

If you have a credit card, we recommend you this way of money transfer since it is the cheapest one. On the Paysend website you will find the list of the credit cards that are accepted.

In order to transfer the money in this way, click on the following link: and registed. Choose the option to the bank account, not to the credit card. For the payment you will need:

Name and surname of the bank account holder


There are few more ways for deposit payment and more about them you can read on the links below, but none of them is convenient as Paysend.

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Check out why is the money transfer via Paysend the most convenient option at the moment: