Would you like to make a deposit to the owner of an apartment in Greece, but the commission is too high? Paysend is the most affordable and highly reliable way to send money to Greece and abroad in general. You can use this service if you have a bank account and a card. Simply register and then easily make the payment through a few straightforward steps.

The commission for depositing money into the owner’s account in Greece, up to the amount of €150, is fixed at €1.5, and for amounts greater than that, it is 1% of the total price. When sending money, it is necessary to specify the exact amount that the owner should receive in order to avoid charging them a commission.

If you have a card, we encourage you to use this method to send the deposit, as it is truly the most favorable option. The Paysend website lists the types of cards you can use.

To make a payment in this manner, please click on the following link: Paysend.com and register. Choose payment to a bank account, not a card. The following information is required for the payment:

  • Full name of the account owner (or company)
  • IBAN

There are several other methods for depositing money, and you can read more about them by clicking on the links below, but none are as favorable as Paysend.

How to send money to Greece through Western Union

How to make a deposit via PayPal

How to make a deposit via Moneygram

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