I found this website accidentally while I was looking at different offers for summer holidays, and when I started reading it, I did not even think about traveling somewhere else, except Thassos. I found a lot of information and descriptions and with your help and accommodation. With my five-member family, I spent a holiday at the Studios Suzana accommodation in Potos. This is a high quality accommodation, it is clean with the arranged yard and swimming pool with sunbeds and umbrellas. In addition to this beautiful accommodation and the owners, I met many of Serbian people who also came via Nikana to Thassos for the first time. We visited the entire island, the monastery of Sv. Archangel Michael and many beaches that you are writing about on your website, and also we found some small and beautiful bays.

The color of the sea is so beautiful, and on the beach under the monastery, we were thrilled by nature. You are lying on the beach under the umbrella between the rocks and you are hearing a purling where the water springs out, and on the other side, the waves hitting the shore slowly. It reminded me of Blue Lagoon. We were also on the Marble Beach, which is beautiful, but a bit too commercialized. Because of too much sunbeds, you can not see a beautiful sea, and also you can not get too the sea, because it’s crowded. I would recommend to visit this beach out of season, it is beautiful for sure. The southern and eastern side of the island left a strong impression on me, as well as the village of Skala Panagia. I could speak about Thassos for a long time without telling everything that I saw.

Thank you Nikana, I hope I will meet you next year!

The most comprehensive offer of accommodation on Thassos island find HERE.

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