Famous German supermarket chain Lidl has a large number of stores in Greece. Stores are open from Monday to Friday from 8-21h, on Saturdays from 8-20h.

Lidl in Neos Marmaras is closed in February 2022. If you like shopping at Lidl, you can still shop at Lidl in Nikiti.
Masutis is still there, and it is better supplied but a little more expensive. However, Greek markets are perfect for purchasing fresh fruits and vegetables in almost all major places.

The news is that a new Lidl has opened on Thassos, in Limenas, near the port where the ferries dock, and you will find the exact location or coordinates below.

Some stores are open on Sundays too. Lidl Perea, Epanomi and Nea Mihaniona in Thessaloniki are open from 10-18h during the season (June-September), and from 10-16h in the off-season period, while Lidl Nea Kallikratia, Ierissos, Vrasna and Nikiti work from 10-16h on Sundays during May, and from June until the end of September mostly from 8-20h.

In our text Prices in Greece you can see the current prices in Lidl supermarket in Greece.

You can find more details of each Lidl store in Greece at the official LIDL supermarket website by entering the name of the town in the second search box.

Below you can find GPS locations for selected Lidl stores:


  • 40.84920,25.84635
  • 40.85419,25.92646


  • 40.94812,24.43145
  • 40.92593,24.37873

Nea Iraklitsa:

  • 40.87621,24.31172

Paralia Vrasna:

  • 40.69238,23.68340


  • 40.39439,23.87194


  • 40.21691,23.67936

Nea Moudania:

  • 40.25734,23.27836


  • 40.10522,23.42794

Nea Kallikratia:

  • 40.31749,23.07893


  • 38.99401,20.73974


  • 38.81605,20.71142


  • 40.7744252,24.7005051


  • 40.60661,22.96725
  • 40.58842,22.96091
  • 40.64085,22.94937
  • 40.66243,22.92922
  • 40.65484,22.90645
  • 40.66684,22.91841