During the Christmas holidays, Drama and City of Dreams - Santa Claus Village, are the most popular destinations in northern Greece.

From December 4th to January 7th, every year thousands of visitors from all parts of Greece visit the City of Dreams in Drama. Every corner of the townscape, the square, the garden, and the whole city smell like Christmas cakes, hot wine and cinnamon …

This year, the renewed Christmas theme park in Drama was visited by many families from abroad, Bulgaria, Turkey and Serbia.

The City of Dreams is adapted, primarily, to children, but adults also enjoy it.
Everything in the City of Dreams is decorated with countless lamps, traditional wooden houses, illuminated trees and ponds, large balloons, Christmas trees, magic paths, fairies and elves, clowns …

Entrance to the City of Dreams is free, and children can participate in creative workshops in wooden houses where they can draw and paint, make cakes, be a model for face painting…

Every night on open stage musicians and singers perform, as well as puppet theaters, folklore groups, and children and adults are enjoying in this program.

On the square you can enjoy different Greek cookies (kourabiedes, melomacarona, lucumades), hot wine, tea, and many other sweet and salty Greek specialties.

You can buy decorations and calendars at symbolic prices and like that you can help children without parents.

In City of Dreams there is also a big luna park with ballerina, carousel and motor toys, and there are also 9D and 7D cinemas and many different toys, games and attractions for all ages.

This year you can visit Santa’s new house, send him a letter, but also meet him and paint with him and immediately get a Christmas family photo, but also a calendar and some sweets. You can also visit the candy shop, Christmas Magic School, Playmobil with carriages and princesses, House of Plasticine, Fairy Tale House, Ice Factory, Factory of Laughter and Nature Factory.
Interesting is also “ice age” where you can see small animals that lived on the planet million years ago.

Although the entrance to the City of Dreams is free as well as participation in many games and actions, have in mind that toys, luna park and food are not free, and most children as you know want almost everything to try, so make sure you have enough money with you to make all their wishes come true and give them an unforgettable day! :)