While enjoying, you can use your vacation in Greece for good online shopping. In the article about shopping in Thessaloniki, we recommended shops and shopping malls, but in this article we want to reveal to you a great way to shop online while on vacation in Greece.

Websites for online shopping in Greece

There are two great websites for online shopping in Greece. They are very popular and most of the online trade takes place through them.
It’s about websites skroutz.gr and bestprice.gr
They are very similar, but, there is a slightly larger selection on the skroutz. On it you can find offers from more than 10,000 Greek shops, with more than 10 million products.
What is great is that on this site you can always find the best price in Greece for the product you are looking for.

It is especially worthwhile to buy electronic devices, cameras, mobile phones, small household appliances, laptops, etc.

Order before your arrival and your beach equipment will wait for you
If you are buying something you need for your vacation, an umbrella for example, so that you have the product from the very beginning of your vacation, you can place the order before arrival. You can also make the payment online, and most stores also support cash on delivery.
On these websites, you can see all the shops where the requested product exists and at what price. The offer is of course ordered from the lowest price to the highest.
You can read customer reviews and opinions, and see in which store the product is in stock, shipping costs in each of the stores, and if there are any additional costs for cash on delivery (usually there are, if there are around 2-3€).
Orders are sent by courier services. When shopping, you can always see the exact amount you need to pay to the courier service, which depends on the weight of the shipment.
When you choose the product you want to buy, the site takes you to the store’s site and you make the purchase directly through the seller.
On the website you can also see the expected delivery time  (like 1-3 working days or more, it depends on the store and what exactly you are ordering).
The website always says whether the item is in good condition or not, and that information is correct.

What address to write in the order when we buy online while on vacation in Greece?

You don’t need to leave a delivery address, you can just leave the name of the place where you are vacationing and your phone number. The courier service will send you a sms, viber message or call you upon delivery.
If you are not sure where you will be at the time of delivery, that is not a problem either. When the courier calls you and announces himself, you can change the place of delivery or simply agree to leave the item at the office of the courier service where it can remain for 15 days from the day of the delivery attempt.

Courier services in Greece

The largest Greek courier services ACS, Geniki Tahidromiki, Speedex and Elta (State Post) have offices in major cities. There are offices on Thassos in Limenas, on Sithonia in Nikiti, on Kassandra in Kassandria, on the Ionian coast in Preveza, in Nea Mudanja and Poligiros, Kavala, etc. It is important to know that they usually work until 5 pm.

There is also a tax free option, so you can save extra, but before you order the product, you need to check whether the specific store offers this option or not.

If you are planning a vacation in Greece, think about what you need and whether you can buy something in Greece, then go straight to skroutz.gr to check which store has the best price for that product.
To give example, we compared two random mobile phones today:
iPhone 12 pro max in Serbia costs €1463 with a discount in Technomania, and the best price on Skroutz is €1186;
Xiaomi Mi 11 lite costs €340 in Serbia, and €274 on Scrutz.
We used skroutz to buy smartphones and home appliances for our friends, and we also buy everything we need that way.
In order for everything not to be perfect, there is one catch, which is that both sites are only in Greek. Ili Well, there is one catch, which is that both sites are only in Greek.

How and why the Greek websites used by many foreigners do not have an English version is not clear to us. To make the irony even greater, the site with the English name “bestprice” does not have an English version.
However, we are sure that you will manage to find what you need with the help of google translate.

You can also use these sites just for searching, because when you search for a product, you will also get store addresses in the results.
It often happens that the shops are in Thessaloniki or in some other larger city that you may be passing through. This can be useful if you want to see the product live first and then buy it, or if you want to contact the store and get more information about the product before you order it.
And for the end, if you are planing to do shopping for your vacation or during vacation, these websites are grate place to check the prices and save some money.

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