On Christmas Eve in the city of Arnea in Chalkidiki is traditionaly made a Christmas cake that measures 400kg.The main ingredients of the cake are honey and nuts, and preparations have started since early in the morning. It was baked in a 4m2 stump. It was ready for several hours before the Christmas liturgy, cut off and divided to the people on the main square in this beautiful place. This event was accompanied by a choir under the light of the lanterns and it was perceived with lot of emotions.

Arnea is definitely a place worth visiting if you are holidaying nearby. It is 70km away from Thessaloniki and it is 38km away from Poligiros. You can visit it if you are on holiday in Stavros or in the Olympiada, for example. It is characterised by the traditional Macedonian architecture, with narrow, cobbled streets, colored facades, a beautiful square with taverns and a very important church.

Arnea produces an excellent honey which often wins first prizes in competitions throughout Greece.
If you are spending your summer vacation in the vicinity, plan an afternoon walk in this beautiful town surrounded by forests, bellow the mountain Holomontas. In the shop on the square, you can taste and buy award-winning chestnut honey, or honey with cotton, pine, meadow, acacia flavor…

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