A swimming marathon, organized every year between Kassandra and Sithonia is the most famous annual event in Chalkidiki and probably the biggest sport event in these parts of Greece. This marathon is one of the hardest and most demanding in Greece, but also the most impressive. This is an event with a long tradition, so this year will be 48th marathon in a row. This year (2018), the competition will be held on July 14th. The right to participate have those swimmers who already have experience in similar competitions and minimum 5km crossed. The maximum number of participants is 20, and if more people apply, then selection must be made. There are participants from different countries, which is proof that this marathon gets a bigger significance. Departure is at 8am from Hotel Palini at Kassandra, and have to swim 26km to Nikiti in Sithonia. Each swimmer is accompanied by a separate boat for safety reasons. Ships with more security are also provided.

They are arriving to Nikiti in the afternoon. So far the fastest swimmer needed 6 hours to arrive. On the city beach people are welcoming swimmers and there is awarding ceremony. Even if the winner is only one, all participants are rewarded for great success, courage and strength. At the closing ceremony, participants receive an olive wreath for success.

If you are in Sithonia in that period, you should visit Nikiti in the afternoon. The city, restaurants and gardens will be full of people, and the atmosphere is great.

Except this marathon, and other swimming competitions are organized in Chalkidiki. One of them is named Siviria because it is held in Siviri on Kassandra. It is organized by Athletic organization of Kassandra municipality.
Greek and foreign swimmers who are older than 13 years have the right to participate. The distances by age are:
a) about 400m for children aged 14-18
b) about 1500m for older than 19 years
c) about 3000m for older than 19 years with more experience and body possibilities

The number of participants is not limited, so in this competiotion participate several hundred children and adults.