Once holidaying in August was a matter of prestige.The advantages that brought the holiday in that period were real: the more beautiful and lively atmosphere on the promenade due to the increasing number of people, almost guaranteed weather without rain, the hottest sea, the best-equipped shops…

The situation has changed so much now that holidaying in August, in my opinion, should be avoided. Perhaps not the entire August but the period until August 18, certainly.

Why is it so?

The number of tourists who visited Greece in 2017 is twice as high as in 2010.

Collective holidays in Greece and Italy are in August, so this is the period when tourists from these countries take vacations in the largest number. Our tourists usually love August the most so the summer accommodation are fully booked in that period.

It brings with it a lot of negative things.

First of all, due to the high demand for accommodation, prices in August were unrealistically high in the last year.
For 10 days holiday in August, you could pay off twice ten days of vacation in June and September.

Accommodation in August is booked very early, so if you want to book August in June, there will be bad accommodation at a high price and the dissatisfaction with what6 was paid and what is received will be inevitable.

Walkways in popular places in the evening are so full of people to create columns, and often it happens that in the best restaurants and cafes you have to wait a lot to get a table.

The city beaches are almost useless. Apart from the fact that there is a lot of crowd, the sea is usually blurred, the sand is full of cigarette butts, and the towels and umbrellas are maximally compressed.

On popular, well-regulated beaches there is a problem with the lack of parking space, and it is increasingly necessary to reserve a sunbed in advance, especially if you want to stay near the sea. It’s not even helpful for you to come early, sunbeds are reserved for days in advance. If this is not the case, then during that period you will have to pay double more for a sunbed by the sea.

Non - organised beaches have other problems. In addition to the standard lack of parking spots,the hinterland of beaches, since the beaches are unregulated and do not have toilets, serve to visitors as open toilet, and often unpleasant smells spread even to the beach.

Accommodations are also struggling for parking space in high season. If your accommodation does not provide parking for all guests, which is often the case, you have to manage something on your own, and in August this is not easy.

Endless rows in supermarkets, on markets, in bakeries…

Not to mention that the heat is the intolerable and that the use of the A/C is necessary, the evenings are often hot too, and the walk is not so much pleasant.

And finally, we should add that the famous car theft and the burglary of automobiles are most often just in the period of the biggest crowds.

In our opinion, the best time for vacation according to the last years is the second half of June (sometimes the first, but at a higher risk of bad weather), as well as the beginning of September. The first ten days of July and the last ten days of August can also be very pleasant. However, the period from July 20 to August 20 should be avoided if it is possible.

If you work for a job or school only during this period, then we recommend you to choose less popular places.

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