Greece is a country with one of the oldest histories in the worls and it is considered to pbe the cradel of the civilisation. There are almost 18 localities on the Unesco World Heritage list. You can find the remainings in each part of the country and that is why the archeological diggings never stop. Every day new informations and things are beeing found and they are helping us understand better the Greek history. Many of the artifects are now desplayed in more than 100 museums all around the world. While visiting Greece let yourself explore the treasures made by humand hand and nature.

We will tell you something about the most important museums that you should visit in Thessaloniki and Athens, working hours and the prices of tickets.


Museums in Thessaloniki

Nationas archeological museum in Thessaloniki is open during the summer (from April 12 until November 11) from 8-20h and in the winter time from 9-16h. The price of the ticket is 8e and the price with the discount 4e.

Special ticket that enables you to visit more localities is 15e, with discount 8e. This ticket is valid for three days.

Ethnological museum and Folklore museum in Thessaloniki are open every day from 9-15:30h except for Thursday. On Wednesday it is open from 9-21:30h. Ticket price is 2e and with discount 1e.

Museum for the Macedonian Struggleis open every day from 9-14h except for Wednesday when it’s open from 9-10h and Saturday frm 10-14h. On Sunday it’s closed. Ticket price for adults is 2e and for students and children 1e.

Jewish museum works every day from 10-15h, except for Wednesday when it’s open from 10-15h and from 17-20h and on weekend from 10-14h.

Museum of Contemporary Art and the Cultural Center of Contemporary Art are next to the port and are open every day from 10-18h. On Thursday from 10-22h, while on Monday they are closed. Ticket price for the adults is 3e, students 1,5e and a group ticket is 1e.

Museum of Photograpfh is open every day from 11-19h, on Friday from 11-22h while on Mondays it is closed. Ticket price is 2e and students, elderly (over 65 years), groups and families with a lot of children have a discount and pay only 1e.

Museum of Science and Technologyis open from Tuesday until Sunday. On Monday it is closed. Individual ticket price is 12e and daily is 8e. Daily family ticket (one adult and two children) is 27e and for two adults with two children 30e. Four adults pay 35e while each person extra pais 5e.Daily ticket enables you to go to Technology Museum, Cosmos Theatre and Planetary. Children younger than 4 do not pay the enterance to the Technology Museum. From mid Septembre until middle of Jun on Saturday it is open from 12-21h and on Sunday from 11-19h. From middle of Jun until mid Septembre the museum is open from 18-22h.

The War Museum works from Monday to Friday from 9-15 am and weekends from 10-15h. The ticket price is 2e, while privileged is 1e.

The Water Supply Museum works from Monday to Friday from 8-14 h.

The price of the entrance to the Museum of insects is 6e and for student groups 3e. For groups of more than 10 people, the tour is free.

Free entrance is provided for the visit to the Museum of Balkan Wars and the Museum of ancient, Byzantine and post-Byzantine music instruments.


Museums in Athens

The National Archaeological Museum in Athens in the winter period is open from 13-19.30 on Mondays, and on other days in week from 8.30-15h. During the summer it is open from 13-19:30 on Mondays, and on other days in week from 8.30-19.30. The ticket price is 10e.

The Acropolis Museum is open whole year from 8 to 19:30. It’s closed on Mondays. The ticket price is 5e.

The Acropolis in Athens, Athens Agora and the Byzantine Museum work all year round from 8 am to sunset. The price of the ticket for the Acropolis is 20e and the Agora and the Byzantine Museum is 8e.

The Roman agora in Athens works whole year from 8 am to sunset. The ticket price is 6e.

The Kerameikos Archaeological Museum works throughout the year from 8 am to sunset. Ticket price is 8e.

Zevs’s Temple in Olympia works all year round from 8 am to sunset. The ticket price is 6e.


Museums in Greece do not work: December 25 and December 26, January 1, March 25, during the Easter holidays, and on May 1.

Tickets at a privileged price apply to citizens of Greece and EU countries older than 65, university students in non-EU countries and parents, accompanying children who go to organized visits to elementary schools.

Entrance to museums is free: every seventh day of the month in the period from 1.11-31.3, 6 March, 18 April, 18 May, the last weekend in September and October 28. The free entrance is valid for young people under 18 years old, university students, students from military schools in EU countries, students of tourist guides, employees of the Ministry of Culture and Sport and Archaeological Fund, members of ICOM, tourist guides, teachers and professors who lead pupils in organized tours, people with disabilities and their followers (67% and more), parents who have three children if children are under 18 years of age or up to 24 if they are studying, unemployed persons with a certificate. All privileged categories must have an ID card, passport or relevant document to prove that they belong to one of the listed categories or age.