Pythagoras was a famous ancient philosopher and mathematician. He was from the island of Samos. We all know about Pythagoras’ theorem, and have you heard about Pythagorean cup?

“The Pythagorean cup is a special cup with a bulge on its bottom, which is also called a “cup of moderation”. The glass allows the wine to be drunk in moderate quantities, and Pythagoras invented it for his students. If the cup had filled to the top, it would spill or leak through the hole on the stand. This cup used to have the purpose of stressing one of the four virtues promoted by Pythagoras School – moderation. The other three virtues are discretion, fairness and courage. However, today we are increasingly witnessing the search for great happiness, great success. People always search for more.

And the more we have the more we want. And so we enter into a vicious circle in which we always miss something. Until we understand that what we lack is actually - the measure.

That is exactly why Pythagorean cup confirms the definition of toxicology which says that “the quantity determines whether a substance is a poison or a medicine”. Why is moderation important? Because it is one of the prerequisites of the inner balance, rest, joy and happiness. „The wealth lies in the measure.“(Dijana Caric, author of the book “Art of Negotiation”)

The way Pythagorean cup works the physicist and philosopher Bleas Pascal formulated as The Law Of Connected Vessels that is applicable to some household appliances, children’s toys, and it is also the principle that applies for the functioning of the subterranian rivers.

Today you can buy this cup in souvenir shops in Samos, but also in other Greek resorts.