This story can really make your day. Everything started on Facebook public group Live from Greece.

Mother of a girl, which car has broken down nearby Ikea made a post in group asking for a help of some mechanic nearby.

There were so many responses of the members that were trying to solve the problem by texting advices and it was wonderful to see so many people involved. Aleksandar Andric, an auto mechanic, offered also his help. He said that he is currently in Chalkidiki and he can go to find them in an hour. And he really came! He was fixing the car for hours and he made it; the daughter texted to the mother: “Mom, you have no idea how hard he was trying to fix the car…in over 40 degrees heat, without any shade to hide, he restored the car, removed the seat…without computer help…and he made it all by himself!” They made a selfie at the end.

After several hours of car fixing, Aleksandar continued his way home to Serbia.

You have to admit that it happens very rarely in real life.

Aleksandar Andric is an auto electronic mechanic and he has his own repair shop in Valjevo, in Fradacka 175 Street. He loves his job very much, works in the shop and out of the shop, and he just likes to help other people. If you ever be in a need of a mechanic and human, you know who can call to. His number is 060476248.

There is still a hope.