_Author of Text and Photography: Dusica Penovic _

When we first started looking for information about the places around Kavala, we could not find a lot of informations, and Iraklitsa and Peramos were described and photographed that it looks like there is nothing in these two places, and that their only advantage is location, near Kavala and Ammolofoi beach.

When we visited these places, we were conviced actually it is not like that at all. Both Iraklica and Peramos are two very classy villages in which, like in the whole region, the Greeks, Greeks who live abroad and their friends from the West are having their holidays, so accommodation and all other offers are adapted to them. Here, you are renting fully furnished apartments with washing machines, air conditioners and all other supplies you need.

We booked the accommodation at the beginning of the year and the price was 45e per night, but later it was more expensive and more difficult to book.

Iraklitsa itself has a solid (and famous beach). I am not sure whether a whole or only one part of the beach has a Blue Flag. Almost all beaches are perfect here, first of all, they are very clean.

The city beach is very beautiful, but weekends and holidays were always crowded. The rules are strict about sunbeds. It is mandatory to order drink, and in an hour a waiter will come again to remind you that you are thirsty. That bothered me in Iraklitsa very much.

The place has everything, a bakery, a pharmacy, a doctor, a nice promenade, a small port, taverns, beach bars … What most people are happy to hear, is that in Iraklitsa there is a Lidl market. For boys there is a solid game room in village.

Iraklitsa is closer to Kavala (13km), and after Iraklitsa, there is village Peramos and famous beach Ammolofoi, about 5km from Iraklitsa. Peramos is beautiful and it is also reserved for the rich Greeks. The beach is not beautiful like in Iraklitsa, but in my opinion, this village is more interesting.

In Ammolofoi is located, as I said, for me the most beautiful beach, about 7km long, very wide, with gradual depth and warm sea. It has a couple of beach bars with sunbeds, and they are different in the type of music they play, and also in some of them you can not take your food with you, but in most of them you can. Prices of beverages are about 4-5 e, no matter if it’s frappe, beer, coca-cola … We also had the experience to get four sunbeds for the two adult beverages we ordered.

If you watch on YouTube Ammolofoi beach, it looks exactly like that in live. Some days in July and August there are lot of tourists, but since the beach is spacious, you will not feel the crowd. The beach is really adapted for everyone, children, young people, elderly … and as I said, free parking is provided all day.

About historical and cultural sites in Kavala, other people could tell you more than me. In my opinion, that is the most beautiful city I have ever visited (it could be compared with Corfu, but Kavala is more clean). If you want a little bit of “soul food”, it is enough to drink coffee in one of the many cafes where you can listen all languages of the world and enjoy the smell of this lovely city. What to visit in Kavala, you can find on the internet, it is all about your interest.

If you ask me if it’s a good choice to look for accommodation in Kavala, my answer is no. Kavala is very busy city, and I do not want to spend half of my holiday looking for a parking and so on. You will see that around Kavala there are more beautiful beaches than in city. Kavala is nice for other types of enjoyment.

If this region interested you, you will not make a mistake. We came back very satisfied.

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