Metagitsi is a hidden paradise in Sithonia in which only locals enjoy. Located in the mainland (14km from Metamorphosis and 5km from Akti Salonikiu) is well hidden from curious tourists. If you are a gourmet, once you discover it, you will regularly visit it.

This village of less than 1000 inhabitants deals with farming and agriculture, so the specialties in rural taverns and restaurants are made from domestic and fresh products. For long we have been planning to visit Metagitsi, but there was no real opportunity. Somehow we always circumambulate it.

Last night we decided to go there and try these tasty dishes that locals are talking about.

First of all, an interesting 14 km long road from Metamorphosis leads to Metagitsi. Light ascents, dense pine forests on both sides of the road, beautiful glades with a fantastic view of the sea. If you like nature, you will enjoy the easy drive to the village itself. Upon the recommendation, we went directly to the Klimataria tavern, although we saw that other taverns were crowded. We chose to go there on Sunday to enjoy live music that’s played during weekends. Although we prefer acoustic music, this type with instruments was not too loud.

Tavern Klimataria has a beautiful garden in lush greenery. Although the menu has many delicious specialties, we decided to order roasted meat. We skipped roasted lamb, mutton and pork for which Klimataria is most often visited, and we took chicken kebabs and kondosouvli (pork meat on a skewer, similar to gyros). We can only say that the locals are right and that there is no better roasted meat in Sithonia.

We have seen some Greeks, locals, ordered fish and seafood, so we assume that they know it is good too.

We enjoyed for about an hour in great food and music, and then walked through the city. On the street you can buy homemade donuts and in one camp trailer domestic products (fruits, vegetables, olive oil, etc.). In the small square there are several more bars and cafes, kiosks, a post office. If you wish, you can walk through the village that for tourists, who expect something more, has nothing to offer. It was enough for us to at least briefly feel the real life of Sithonia and the spirit of the village that has not been changed by tourism industry.