Author: Ana Kostic

I do not know how, but every time I get to this magic island faster than anywhere else where I go ... I did not even take a bite of sandwich that my mom packed me in every case, when we already have arrived. Perhaps the secret of that call of Thassos lies in its naturalness, by which he attached himself to everyone`s heart.

Preoccupied by the everyday wildlife in which we have become very good swimmers, we float in the sea of well-masked, boring political campaigns, too expensive dream red lacquered shoes, superficial "facebook" relations, meteors that fall more than rain in May, European roads, expression "normal guy" that barely exists, babies in the 40th, working-age youth hanging out at 2 "in the morning" and, of course, live fast-eat light phrase...

Well, so that it's no wonder why Thassos satisfies us. It returns to us a long time ago lost peace and forgotten 1st speed. Awakes desire for life ... The smell of the village, the without make-up beauty. Freedom. Safety. Feel like you're on a summer holiday at a Grandpa's and Grandma's. Relieved completely ... You just start to feel Thassos like it belongs to you ... Did you know that every man has his own beach here? You did not? Is it strange to you?

Well, that's exactly because Thassos is not like all the other overcrowded tourist destinations! There is always place for everyone in Thassos ... for dreamers, nudists, athletes, sad and lazy ones ... It can make person to take the conquest of the Ipsarion ... it develops soul researching as a movie village of Sotiros, ticks a nose with green walnuts sweet smell, make us joyful with bouzouki, awakes a longing for some black eyes, calms down with Salonikios beach. It achieves harmony.

Thassos is like inactive volcano. You never know when it will work. And if you wonder does it have the energy, it has. Who wants to see it, will see it! It's on small marble hills, but it's big. And it never stops.

That's the magic that returns people to Thassos. At first it was not clear to me, and now it's crystal clear. It is because the energy of Thassos is not hidden in hotels with 5, 4 and 3 stars. The largest star of Thassos is the Sun.

This is the hidden place between the mountains and the sea... Where is everything easy and you can everything... People laugh more. Perhaps because they have one stolen Ana, and with her it is easy even to eat a "goat" for Easter.

Ah, I started writing this to describe you how Easter looks like at the sea. Completely different ... Clear sky ... Strangers became close in a couple of days ... Beautiful ... Happiness ...

In Thassos, everything is allowed, even to show to the Greeks how Easter looks like in our Serbian way. It is worldwide holiday, but it is our! Ninas, Anas, Suzas, Djoles, Zokis, Oljas, Milenas, Vesnas, Lidijas, Teodoras, Marios, Anas, Zokis, Nesas, Oljas, Acas, Slavicas, Dimitris, Lukas, Paris, Sotiri`s ...

Do not forget that wherever you travel, and that's why you will arrive faster than anywhere else.