During our stay in Kallithea, Kassandra, we prefer to swim at the end of the beach. That part that leads to Kriopigi is not as nice as the beach in front of the hotels Zeus or Margarita, but it’s cosier and not crowded. At the entrance to the sea, there are some big flat stones and rocks, but after them, the sea is a true paradise. There are also a few nice beach bars. The beach is narrow but great for those who don’t like crowds. It’s better for swimmers than for children.

Our second preferred place is the beach in front of Villa Pefka, about 1km away from Kriopigi, where the sea is just beautiful and has a natural shade.

Our third choice is Elani beach and some coves nearby.

Elani is on the opposite side of the “finger”, near Siviri. Driving from Kallithea to Siviri, you will see a turn to Elani Bay Resort Hotel. The beach and resort are 12km away from Kallithea and 3km from Siviri.

The road to the beach is curved but beautiful because it leads through a thick forest. We always think that Kassandra must have been beautiful before it was built up and before the fire. At the end of the road we encounter one of the first settlements with private houses built along with the development of tourism, and finally, the beach and Elani Bay. One part of the beach is organized, with sunbeds, but there’s a free part as well. In the middle, there’s a large pine which makes a thick shade in one part, making it the most beautiful part of the beach. To the right, the beach narrows down, there’s a shade and flat stones in the sea. That part is not crowded and you can really rest. To the left, there are sunbeds from the hotel (everybody can use them) and a large rock that makes this part of the beach in some way special. There are also an excellent cafe and restaurant with amazing sea view.

If you have time, you can visit one more beach, the one with the famous Helona beach bar.

If you want to spend a bit different day during your holidays in Kassandra, visit Elani and just enjoy.