Author: Ivana Stanojević

If you do not have your own apartment, renting prices in the north of Greece are about 250 to 400 euros per month, depending on the location, size and condition of the apartment. For example, we are paying a new apartment in a small place next to Thessaloniki, 100m2, 350 euros. In Athens, the rent is more expensive as I know, but not significantly more expensive.

Electricity is from 30 to 50 euros per month, but you are paying every second month. The Internet and phone is about 30 euros, and for example, my internet-phone-cable TV package I am paying is 55 euros a month, again on a two-month basis. In buildings there are common costs of electricity and maintenance of common rooms (staircase, walkway, elevator) which are about 20 euros a month. Water is a negligible cost, about 50 euros a year. Heating you are paying only in heating season. Those who have gas are lucky people and in the highest periods of winter they pay a maximum of 100 euros a month (maybe a little bit more if their apartment is huge).

We, who have petrol heating system, are giving up to 300 euros a month, because we have constantly 23 degrees in the house. We also have a fireplace just for the atmosphere or for a grill. A lot of people are heating with wood or pellets and they are paying less than petrol, I can not tell you exactly how much. The heating season is about 4-5 months maximum (more in mountainous areas, less in southern parts).

Gasoline is expensive, especially for those who are traveling far away to work. My husband and I are giving 500 euros a month for gasoline because our jobs are far away, and I am also going around a lot.

Vehicle registration is from 120 to 200 euros depending which car you are driving. Vehicle insurance is 20-30 euros a month (you are paying every six months or annually). Supermarket costs are a subjective thing.

Salaries are from 600 Euros (for less money only people with part-time jobs work). In the private sector salaries are at the level of 14 months. The salary of 1000 euros is considered a relatively satisfactory salary.