Every summer, a large number of Serbian tourists ride on vacation across the beautiful Greek beaches and mostly finish their journey in the northern part of Greece which is closest to us, some 150 to 200 kilometers from Evzoni, on Chalkidiki or in the Olympic region or on the nearest island, Thassos. The rest goes a little longer, reaching Parga, Corfu and Lefkada, and the bravest ones go to visit Peloponnese and even ancient Crete and Rhodes.

Today we will not go that far, but we will tell you a short story about a beautiful beach located in the neighborhood, about forty kilometers away from the famous “Serbian” summer resorts of Leptokarya, Platamon and Nei Pori. This beautiful beach is called Platia Ammos, a pearl next to the town of Kokino Nero under the mountain of Ose, and for the beginning I will briefly explain how to get to it.

When you get saturated of lying on the beach in Platamon or Nei Pori, sit in the car, take good will and go to the main road that leads you to the Tempi cliff, where the seemingly weak and quiet river Pinios crosses its deep hill and separates the mighty Olympus from mountain of Ose. When after the toll booth on the highway, you see a signpost for Stomio, turn left and follow the path that leads you through the plantations of kiwi and sunflower fields, according to that small town.

Turn right before the cozy town of Stomio and follow the winding but excellent path that “swing” onto the mountain of Osa, but which leads you towards Kokino Nero, which we will write about on another occasion.

By the way you will pass by the monastery of St. Dimitri, and if you are properly dressed, be sure to visit it.

A dozen kilometers from Stomio and just one kilometer ahead of Kokino Nero, you will see a signpost for the Ammos beach, to which it descends down the asphalt road downhill.

Amos beach is hidden in olive groves and platans.
And when you go down to the beach, then a real reward is waiting for you!
On the beach there is a beach bar and one restaurant, but you can “plant” yourself anywhere, because the beach is large and throughout the day you have a natural shade from the high-rise platans, which cover it in one part.

The water is crystal clear, and on the ashore white gravel with some black pebbles will impress you. However, if you walk along the beach, almost to its end, another surprise will be waiting for you hidden in a dense plant, similar to that in tropical rainforests …

The mountain brook bumped its way down the vertical slope of mountain of Ose, and, with a waterfall, happily meets with the sea.

After all-day enjoyment on this gem under the Osa, silked their nest on a stonewall in Stomi!

Until the next time!

Author: Predrag Dimitrijevic