The summer of 2021 is approaching, and there is still no sure answer to the question of whether tourists will be allowed free entry into Greece. This is quite expected, considering that the pandemic is still going on and that strict measures to suppress the infection are in force all over the world, also in Greece.

Based on the information published by the Greek government so far, the criteria for entering Greece this year will not be strict.

Greek Tourism Minister Haris Theocharis recently stated that vaccination will not be required for entering the country. He also stated that rapid antigen tests at the border will be conducted for unvaccinated tourists. The results of these tests are ready in 15 minutes. Whether all tourists will be tested will also depend on the epidemiological situation in the country they come from.
He also said that he expects a better season compared to last year, and that situation with traveling will be clearer in March or April. The goal of the Greek government is to suppress the pandemic with strict measures that are currently in force, to prevent a collapse in health care, but also to make Greece a safe and desirable destination for tourists.

Our expectations are optimistic. Vaccination is underway and we hope that it will give results by the summer. One missed season cost Greece a lot, but another would be a real tragedy, so we think that the Greeks will look for a solution to save this tourist season. Hundreds of thousands of tourist workers are currently on the brink of extinction, and they see the straw of salvation next season.

We are in daily contact with the owners of accommodation from the north of Greece. The scenario according to which the land borders would remain closed this season is unthinkable for them, because most of them live exclusively from tourism. Many have already formed price lists with reduced prices, and in agreement with us, they have decided to approve reservations with delayed deposit until the borders are opened again. The owners, in fact, want to give their guests the opportunity to save a room or apartment until it is clear whether travel will be possible or not. At this moment, tourists are slowly booking rooms.
We hope that with the results of vaccination, testing and respect for measures, this season will be a return to a normal life, and how else to start than with a real vacation by the sea.

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