The Thassos Tourism Network sent a letter to the competent ministries requesting that the situation with last year’s closed borders in the north of Greece not be repeated.

Specifically in their open letter the members of the Thassos Tourism Network state:

“Looking back at last year’s opening of tourism and especially the opening of the land borders we can only identify a series of failures and omissions.

This situation has created problems both on the part of our incoming visitors and on the part of the host companies, such as hotels and other accommodation and businesses not only on the island of THASSOS but in general throughout the rest of Northern Greece. ! The image we offered to our customers was not appropriate in a country which on the one hand has acquired a great reputation and uniqueness in the field of hospitality and at the same time chose tourism as the spearhead of its development policy.

Having fresh memories from last year what we need are the following:
To find a solution in the opening of all border stations of Northern Greece for the best and fastest service of all our potential road visitors, which this year is expected to be increased!
The competent ministries must cooperate in areas such as informing the societies of the neighboring states and the Greek consular authorities in these countries so that sad phenomena such as those with the Serbs last year are not observed!

Design and operate fast service lanes for guests who will meet the conditions set by the European Union!

Guided by last year’s experience, let’s erase the negatives of the past in order to have a good picture in the future that will ensure us, as in aviation, a continuous flow of road visitors in the future!
Over 90% of the inhabitants of THASSOS make a living from the income of tourism! There is no room for another catastrophic year! We must avoid the risk of an uncontrolled escalation of the problem. Our positions on the opening of borders are also reflected in a part of the region. We support this fight and we consider it very important that the reception, the stay and the departure of our visitors take place without any peculiarities but also within the framework of the observance of the sanitary rules!

The Thassos Tourism Network, consisting of professionals and sensitized citizens of the island, addresses this letter to the competent Ministries, with parallel notification to the competent bodies, with the hope and the demand that all the necessary actions be taken so that we do not live last year!!!

The governing committee of the Thassos Tourism Network