Honestly, we did not hope for such good news. From last year’s experience with the opening and closing of borders, we got the impression that Greece will complicate travel this year as well and have illogical rules. However, we received really good news yesterday. It is obvious that the Greeks have decided to make this season a success.

The Minister of Tourism of Greece, Mr. Teoharis, said yesterday in Belgrade that Greece will recognize all vaccines that have been used in Serbia. So, they will also bring vaccines that are not approved in the EU, Russian (Sputnik V) and Chinese (Sinofarm).

He emphasized that unvaccinated tourists will be able to travel to Greece, if they have a negative PCR test or a positive antibody test.

There are no conditions for children under 10 to enter Greece, and a negative test is required for children over 10.

He said that the trial opening of the border for our tourists will be in the middle of April, and only the border crossings in Bulgaria will be open by May 14.

He announced the opening of border crossings in northern Macedonia by the end of May.

Vaccination is underway in Greece, and it is planned that all catering workers will be vaccinated by the beginning of the season. Those who do not want or cannot be vaccinated, and work in tourism, will be tested every three days with quick tests.

What is still not completely clear is whether a negative rapid test will be enough to enter Greece or just PCR.

We hope that the price of the PCR test in Serbia will fall by the beginning of the season. We assume that in the next ten days there will be more details in the conditions for the entry of vaccinated people, considering that it will probably be determined how many days should pass from vaccination to free travel. It will probably depend on the type of vaccine.

Follow us, we will keep you informed of the details of the terms.