As of March 15th 2022 the PLF form has been abolished, so you are not obliged to fill it in before entering Greece.

Since May 1, life in Greece has returned to normal.
This means that from May 1, all tourists coming to Greece will not have to show an EU green certificate when entering the country, nor will they have a negative test, and the measure of showing a Covid-pass for entering the facilities will also be abolished from May 1, while the action of mandatory wearing of masks indoors will be valid from June 1, 2022.

A PLF form is no longer required when entering the country. However, tourists who did not fill it out when entering the country will not be able to buy a self test or do an antigen test if they need it. It is recommended that you fill out the PLF form provided here.

Detailed instructions on filling out the form can be found click HERE.

What is PLF?

It is a form in which you provide information about which country you are traveling from, whether you have stayed in another country in the last 14 days, at which address you will be staying in Greece, as well as whether you have been vaccinated or have a negative PCR test.

In case you plan to be at several different addresses during your stay in Greece, you are obliged to write the address where you will be for at least the first 24 hours.

You can fill in the form at the earliest 7 days before departure, and it is desirable to fill it in at the latest one day before departure. Immediately after filling in the form, a confirmation that you have successfully filled in the form will be sent to the e-mail address you entered. On the day of departure (a few minutes after midnight before the day of departure) you will receive a unique CODE on the e-mail that you will show at the border.

If you travel ** one day before you register your trip ** and receive a code, you can travel without a code, but in that case you will show the e-mail you received as a confirmation for the completed form at the border.

Before you start filling in the form, you need to prepare the following information: passport number, accommodation address, license plate number on the car.
How to fill in the PLF?

The filling procedure is not complicated, but it is in English.

How to fill out the form, step by step

Click on the link and you will immediately have the START option.

Click START and you have the opportunity to log in or register. ** Click the REGISTER button. **

Enter your ** email address and enter the password ** you want and which will be used only for this occasion
Confirm and an activation code will be sent to the email you typed.

Now, open your email and click on the link you received and the registration is complete.

Now the login page opens and you need to type in your mail and the password you just typed.

You log in with this data and before you start entering data you need to check three fields stating that you have read the protocol, that you will enter the correct data and that you will fill out only one PLF form for yourself and your family. When you click these three things, click CONTINUE to continue on the other side.

On the next page ** you check the option to travel to Greece **, so the first option offered and move on.

On the next page, you choose ** the way you will enter ** Greece.
If you go by land, check the first option, BUS / TRAIN / CAR, and at the next ** select CAR if you are traveling by car **, ie the third offered option.

When you select CAR, a field opens for you to type ** the license plate number. This is important to type correctly and without errors. **

Below there is a box that you check only if you are a professional driver, meaning truck drivers and the like. Skip that.

You then click in the field below “date of travel” and a calendar opens on which you ** date the trip. **

When you select a date, below ** you select the border crossing ** through which you enter.

So, you choose, for example, Evzoni and on the next page ** you should choose whether you have a vaccine certificate or a negative PCR test **.

If you choose the first answer, which is that you have been vaccinated, the following fields will open for you to fill in:
** In which country you were vaccinated
A vaccine whose manufacturer **
** And when you received the second dose **. There you click on the field and a calendar opens to you to select the date when you received the second dose

Now go to the next page where you ** type personal information. **
First the last name, then the name, gender, age, passport number, phone number and finally the email address and go to the next page.

** Here you enter your country, city, postal code, street and finally if you have stayed in a country other than your own in the last 14 days (no transit is counted, only stay). **

On the next page you enter ** where you plan to stay in the next 14 days ** (after entering Greece)
You choose the country of Greece, then the city, postal code, the name of the hotel is not required, then you enter the street (many resorts do not have a street, so you can enter the name of the place again), you do not have to enter the apartment number. If you plan to stay ** at several different addresses ** during the summer, at the end of this page you have a box that you check and you should enter again in which city and at which address you plan to stay.

On the next page, you should enter ** the person you will be in contact with during the summer **, or the person they can contact if they cannot reach you. You do not have to enter a person in Greece here, you can enter any person in your country, or the phone number of your companion and below his information including phone number and mail.

And we came to ** enrolling family members. **
You need to enter all your family members on the same form by clicking the ** ADD FAMILY MEMBER ** button. You need to click that same button as many times as you have family members. For them, you need to enter your name and surname and the number of years.
If people who are not family members, but friends or distant relatives travel with you, then click on the ** ADD NON-FAMILY MEMBER ** button as many times as the person traveling with you. And that’s the end of filling out the form.

You need to click SUBMIT and if you travel the next day, you will most likely get the answer that the limit for passengers entering Greece through the border crossing Evzoni is filled and ** that you need to choose another date **. Again a non-update that is typical of Greeks. What should you do?

What else is important to know:

** Name and surname are typed in English alphabet without check marks **
** Phone number must have the sign +381 for Serbia or +40 for Romania **
** The person for emergencies can be anyone **, it doesn’t have to be anyone from Greece, but any person close to you
** You do not have to print the code that arrives in your e-mail, ** it is enough to have it on your phone. If you don’t have internet, take a screenshot.

If you happen to have made any mistake while filling out the form, you can correct the mistake by logging in again, then select the edit option on the dashboard and make the change.

NOTE: Details related to vaccination are filled in only for the holder of the form, for others only names and surnames are entered.

Watch the video of filling out the explanation form in our fb group, by clicking HERE

See the conditions for entering Greece HERE.