The rules listed below are officially valid until June, 28th, when they will either be extended or changed. .
Conditions for entering Greece from June 19 to June 28. - the most common questions

We recorded all the questions you ask us these days regarding the trip to Greece and answered. If we failed to answer someone, and you are interested, write to us in the comments or by e-mail
To begin with, let’s say that Greece finally recognizes the fast, antigenic test for the entry of tourists from the countries that are on the Green List. The limit for children has been moved from 6 to 12 years, so that children up to 12 years of age no longer need testing or any document to travel to Greece. Read more about it below.
Greece has opened its borders to tourists on April 19th.

The official season in Greece started on May 14th.

** What are the conditions for entering Greece? **
The conditions for tourists to enter Greece are as follows:
1. certificate of vaccination with any vaccine
2. negative PCR test not older than 72 hours from the time of sampling.
3. negative antigen test not older than 48 hours from the time of sampling
4. certificate of illness in English and PCR or rapid antigen test from the time you were ill, provided it is not older than 6 months and newer than a month.
You need to meet one of these conditions.

** Does Greece recognize the Chinese (Sinofarm) and Russian (Sputnik V) vaccines? **
Yes, Greece recognizes both the Russian and Chinese vaccines.

** Is it necessary to be revaccinated to travel or is it enough to receive the first dose? **
Yes, it will be necessary for tourists to be revaccinated at least 14 days before travel

** Is it still necessary to fill in the PLF form to enter Greece. **
Yes, it is necessary and you can fill it out by clicking on the link One form is filled out for all family members.

** In which language does a vaccination and testing certificate need to be in order to be accepted at the border? **
In English, although last year they made exceptions and recognized other languages ​​at the border. In order not to depend on the good will of the border police, it is best to ask for the result to be bilingual before you are tested.

** Can children travel to Greece without the vaccine? **
Yes, I can travel without the vaccine, but children over the age of 12 need a negative PCR or rapid test or Certificate of illness in English and PCR or rapid antigen test from the time you were ill, provided it is not older than 9 months and newer than 2 months.
You need to meet one of these three conditions.

** Will it recognize a rapid, antigenic test? **
Yes, Greece officially recognizes the antigen test from May 19 at 6 o’clock Greek time.

** Which border crossings are open for entry into Greece? **
From July 1, all border crossings will be open 24 hours a day, except for the Eksohi crossing, which opens on July 2 and will also be open 24 hours a day.

** What is a PCR test? **
The PCR test is a method for determining whether a passenger is infected with the COVID 19 virus. It is done by taking a sample from the nose and throat.

** How old should PCR be in order to be valid at the border? **
Maximum 72 hours from the time of sampling.

** Can I do a PCR test in a private lab? **
Only in accredited private laboratories.

** Will the Greeks test tourists at the border, with what tests and will they test all tourists? **
Not all tourists will be tested. Random testing will be conducted regardless of the nationality of the tourists. Testing will be done with quick tests. The test results are ready in 10-15 minutes.

** Who pays for quarantine in case I get sick during my stay in Greece? **
The Greek state provides and pays for hotel quarantine

** Instead of going to quarantine, can an infected person return to their country if they so wish? **
Last year, infected travelers who were in Greece on their own transport were able to return to their country without going to quarantine in Greece. We assume that it will be the same this year, but it has not been specified yet.

** Is travel insurance covering kovid necessary for travel to Greece? **
At this time, such insurance is not necessary. In order to feel safer, it is better to have it.

** Who bears the costs of treatment if one of my family members or I fall ill during a summer vacation in Greece? **
Greek tourism minister says Greece will bear all treatment costs if tourists fall ill during their stay in Greece

** What will happen to healthy family members? **
It depends on the case and the mutual agreement of the family members themselves. If quarantine is necessary, payment is provided by the Greek state, if quarantine is not needed, family members can decide whether to leave Greece or stay at their own expense.

** Can Greece happen to close its borders again at some point? **
The Greek government emphasized that such a thing is not possible and that, if the epidemiological situation significantly worsens, it will eventually tighten the conditions for entering the country, but it will not close the borders. They gave an example that they can make a decision not to recognize a fast test, but only a more precise PCR.

** Will it be mandatory to wear masks during the summer? **
At this moment, the mask is obligatory indoors, as well as outdoors, except on the beaches and in the gardens of cafes and restaurants. We expect the mandatory wearing of masks outdoors to be abolished by early June.

** Will I be safe during my summer vacation in Greece? **
All tourists who come to Greece will have to fulfill the same conditions as you. The Greek government plans to vaccinate all caterers as the primary category in May. Those who do not receive the vaccine will be tested every three days with rapid tests. Hotels will have to respect high epidemiological standards. The Greek government emphasized that the safety of tourists, as well as the local population, is in the first place.

** What measures will tourists have to follow during their summer vacation? **
All measures that apply at that time for the local population will also apply to tourists. All restrictions related to movement have been lifted. The measure of obligatory wearing of masks indoors and outdoors is lifted too, and there is no curfew anymore.

** Are there any restrictions on going to the islands? **
There are no restrictions except that you must show a vaccination certificate or a negative test when entering the ship. This measure exists primarily because of the local population, and not because of the tourists who certainly showed these confirmations when entering the country.

** Do I need to fill out forms before class? **
It is necessary. Forms can be found online or in any other place, online. See more about ostrva form HERE.

** For which countries do the rules we wrote above apply? **
For EU member states and Schengen countries, USA, UK, Israel, Serbia, UAE, New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Australia, Thailand Singapore, Russia, Northern Macedonia, Canada, Belarus, Bahrain, Qatar, China, Kuwait, Ukraine , Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Saudi Arabia.