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Sending money to Greece through Western Union is a straightforward process, and the accommodation owner to whom you send the money can collect it within minutes of the transfer.

Having a bank account is not a requirement for sending money, neither for you nor the recipient.

Money can be sent through Western Union from any post office, exchange office, or other retail establishments. Exchange offices and retail outlets offering this service have the Western Union sticker on their entrance doors.

Money is sent exclusively in the currency of the sending country, and the recipient in Greece collects the money in euros. The commission is always paid by the sender.

After the transfer is completed, the officer will provide you with a certified copy of the form with a ten-digit control number. It is necessary to inform us, if you have booked accommodation through us or to the recipient, about this control number, as well as your full name, the amount you sent, and the country from which the transfer was made. Another option is to simply send a photo or scanned copy of the form received from the officer at the counter.

How to send money to Greece through Western Union - step by step

Carry the amount in dinars with you. Write down the full name of the accommodation owner to whom you are depositing the money. It is essential to know exactly what the first and last names are and to ensure they are accurately entered.

Upon arrival at the post office or exchange office, it is important to inform the officer of the amount you wish to send, the country you are sending to, and the recipient’s full name.

You will need to present a valid ID card and, in addition to the sending amount, pay a commission (the commission amounts will be listed below).

Money is sent electronically, and you will sign a printed form for the transfer. You will receive a copy of the form with a ten-digit code and all the details entered by the officer.

Afterwards, you need to inform the recipient or us that you have made the deposit and provide all the necessary information for them to collect the money (your full name, exact amount, ten-digit code, and the country from which you made the deposit).

It is important to note that no one except the owner with their ID can collect the money you have sent.

Commission price list for sending money through Western Union to recipients in Greece

If the amount you are sending is up to 8,300 dinars, the WU commission is 800 dinars.

If your deposit amount exceeds this figure up to 2,000 dinars, please contact us so we can reduce the deposit amount and prevent you from moving into the next, higher category for WU service fees.

View the complete price list below:Amount to Send (RSD)Fee (RSD)| -------------------- | --------- |
0 - 83008008300.01 - 16000150016000.01 - 26000220026000.01 - 32000260032000.01 - 41000330041000.01 - 55000370055000.01 - 600004000
Western Union also offers the service of sending money online. You need to have a debit or credit card for this.

First, visit the website and register. Before the first money transfer, you need to visit the nearest TENFORE location to be identified. These locations are actually exchange offices that provide the service of sending money through Western Union. Click here to see which location is closest to you:

After that, your user account is activated, and you can send money at any time of the day (247).

Register or simply log in to the website. Enter the amount you are sending and the recipient’s details (name and country where the recipient will collect the money).

Pay with your credit or debit card. If you are sending from Serbia, the cards must be issued in Serbia.

After the payment, send the ten-digit number (MTCN) to the recipient.

You can track your transaction through the same website.

The recipient can collect the money within minutes.

Price list for sending money online to Greece:Amount to Send (RSD)Fee (RSD)| -------------------- | --------- |
0.01 - 10000.070010000.01 - 30000.00140030000.01 - 60000.002500
Whether you are sending money from the post office, exchange office, or online, by calling the customer center at 011/333 4 999 or 011/400 4 999, you can find out if the recipient has collected the money.

What exchange rate does Western Union use?

Western Union calculates its own foreign exchange rate, which differs from the rates used in banks and changes multiple times during the day.

When making a deposit, it is important to emphasize that you want the amount you are sending to the owner to be in euros and fixed. In this case, the recipient will not receive a different amount than what you intended.

Many people ask us how to send money from Serbia to someone in Greece. The process is the same as sending money to accommodation owners. It is essential to correctly enter the recipient’s details and the location within Greece. The money can be collected within minutes of sending it.

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