Summer is the time when large queues form at the border crossings to Greece. Waiting in line and wasting unnecessary time can be extremely frustrating during the journey to the seaside. To avoid wasting time and stress, you can use live cameras that provide you with real-time information about the border conditions.
On the live cameras, you can see the traffic flow at the border crossing, whether there are any delays, and if the lanes are free. This way, you can plan your trip and choose the best time to cross the border.
Many travelers already use these cameras to avoid congestion. Some choose to change their route and use less crowded crossings, while others decide to stay near the border until the congestion subsides. Another option is to stay overnight in accommodation along the way to the seaside and take advantage of the time when there is no congestion to cross the border. It’s important to note that live cameras, along with Google Maps displaying queue lengths at the borders, can help you avoid waiting for several hours.

Below, you can find links to border crossings on the way to Greece, so you have all the information at your fingertips.

All border crossings in North Macedonia:
Border crossings Gradina and Preševo.
Border crossing Preševo / Serbia - North Macedonia:
Border crossing Bogorodica (North Macedonia) - Evzoni (Greece):
Border crossing Kulata - Promahonas:

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