One late evening, somewhere in the mountains above Nidri, in a darkness, several employees of Nikana found a puppy. It was obvious that it was lost and left to itself, far from the first houses, so they could not leave it and just pass. They put him in the car and took him to Nikiana where they were accommodated. They left it in the yard of the villa, where it waited for them on the next morning, waving his tail. Unfortunately, the owner of the villa was scouring it several times from the yard, butit returned persistently. In the end, he managed to move him to the yard of the neighbourgh. Our employee, Milena Celic, was persistent in finding home fot the puppy before returning to Serbia and leaving it alone. She called all the associations in Lefkada and on land, asked the owners of the villa to adopt him, and even passers-by on the street, but still nothing.
One day when she, as usuallly, brought food to the yard, she saw that the puppy was on the leash and that it was tied to the tree in the yard. She did not understand what was going on, but in the afternoon she met an elderly gentleman, Italian - a tourist, as he lead the leashed puppy in the city. They asked him what he was doing and whether the dog was his, and he said that he was a guest of the neighboring villa, that he loved the puppy, and that he had just taken out the passport and that it is all set to take it with him to There was no end to Milena’s happiness,or to ours, as we grieved and cheered together to find at least a small part of the yard for puppy.

Here’s how one of our employees described this event:

“Yes, it went to the Eternal city. It is the animal version of Slumdog Millionaire. Until yesterday it was sniffing ground around Nidri score, and today it is already walking around the Colosseum.”

Some stories have a happy ending!