Often we receive inquiries about affordable seaside resorts in Greece. Everyone desires a vacation, but not everyone has the ability to choose a destination based on beautiful beaches or attractive amenities, but very often based on affordability.

Among the closer inexpensive places for vacations in Greece, the most popular is the Olympic region. Places like Paralia, Nei Pori, Olympic Beach, Skotina, Leptokarya, and Platamon are very popular among our tourists and have loyal visitors who return year after year. Our tourists feel at home in this region, and the prices for accommodations as well as food and other amenities are lower compared to Halkidiki and the islands.

Another affordable region is the region of Thessaloniki, including places like Stavros, Asprovalta, and Nea Vrasna.
Both in the Olympic and Thessaloniki region, the sea is not turquoise or transparent like on Thassos and Halkidiki, but it is warm, and the prices are affordable so some shortcomings can be forgiven. Check the accommodation offer in the Thessaloniki region by clicking here.

However, if you still wish to vacation in more attractive regions or on the islands, you can always find affordable accommodation options.
On Thassos, the western coast is more affordable, with places like Skala Kalirahi and Skala Sotiros, Astris in the south, and Kinira in the east. These are smaller places that are not interesting to tourists, hence the lower prices. Cheaper accommodation can also be found in Limenaria and Potos, larger places on Thassos.
Check the accommodation offer on Thassos by clicking here.

Regarding Halkidiki, on Kassandra, places like Siviri and Skala Furka are more budget-friendly, while on Sithonia, Toroni, Metamorfosi, Sikia, Psakoudia, and Gerakini offer better deals, and on Athos, there is Nea Roda.
Accommodation offer on Sithonia
Accommodation offer on Kassandra
Accommodation offer on Athos

On Halkidiki, there are still places with slightly lower prices like Nea Flogita and Nea Potidea. Check the offer for these two accommodations here and here.

On the Ionian coast, Vrachos is becoming more popular but still has lower prices compared to Parga. Look for affordable accommodation in Lefkada in places like Nikiana, Ligia, and Nidri.
Accommodation offer for Epirus and
Accommodation offer for Lefkada

On our website, you can filter accommodations by price and choose the one that suits your financial possibilities. Click here for the complete offer here.

Here is a step-by-step guide:
After opening the complete offer, click on the “show filters” button and enter the basic details:
-destination, travel dates, and number of people traveling (including children).
Adjust the price range to narrow down the search for accommodations that fit your budget.
You will see many other filters below, so choose the desired distance from the beach…
The system will then show you accommodations that meet your requirements.
You can reserve the accommodation you like the most by filling out the Reservation Request form.

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