During different articles and misinformation that have appeared in the medias, we feel obliged to inform you about the situation in Greece, especially in Sarti and on Thassos in a correct way.

First of all, everything is functioning quite normally and there is no reason to panic. Different informations appeared in the medias, that the shelves in the supermarkets are empty and that there is no fuel on the gas stations. As you can see from the provided photos, the situation in the markets is regular, there are no queues and uncontrolled buying. There is no lack of certain products and the suppliers deliver the goods by the book, just like it was till now. As for the gas stations and Thassos, it is characteristic that the fuel is being delivered once a week, on Wednesdays, usually, and since today is Wednesday (1.7.), it is still valid, the gas stations are well equipped and work normally. There are no indications that the things will get worse, so, everything will function as it was functioning before. The tourists use their vacation using all the amenities that greek seaside provides, enjoying on the beaches and in the taverns, not worrying about the crisis.

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