As we have often listened about the famous souvlaki in Agios Prodromos, last weekend we decided to stop and check they are really so good.

Suvlaki is a Greek skewer and very popular fast food in Greece. Every tavern, restaurant, canteen must have them in its offer. In Greece, souvlaki is more popular than gyros.

Sine it was winter and the village of Agios Prodromos is far from the coast, we thought it was deserted and we might encounter a closed door of the tavern.

As we were approaching the village, we noticed several large restaurants along the road, with prominent advertisements for soups and grilled meat.

As soon as we entered the village, we came upon taverns with different names, such as Sakis souvlaki, Maria souvlaki, Harry, Billy, Miltiadis …

Miltiadis tavern had already been recommended to us, so we wanted to try their souvlaki. Although it was February 3rd and the village was very small, this tavern was full of guests. It was another proof of quality for us.

The atmosphere was pleasant and relaxing, there were some loud guests (typically Greek) and fast service.

Souvlaki is ordered per piece, the pork is 1.2 €, and chicken 2 € per skewer, and the taste is excellent. As one would say “it melts in the mouth”.

We also ordered some Greek salad with cheese “tirokafteri”. This salad is similar to Serbian “urnebes”, but for me it is better because it is made from feta, baked red pepper, sour milk, hot peppers … Salads are 3 euros, except for the Greek salad which is 5 euros.

As a dessert, this tavern usually offers sour milk with honey and nuts, and sometimes other traditional cakes.

We enjoyed the tastes and the atmosphere, and at the end of the day, the old owner treated us with a bowl of olives. All in all, a very positive experience.

Agios Prodromos is from Nikiti, where we started our journey from, 50km away, and it is on the way to Thessaloniki if you go over Poligiros. We extended our drive to Thessaloniki this way for about 20 minutes, but it was worth it. Thessaloniki is also 50km away from the village, so in total Nikiti - Thessaloniki 102km.

We warmly recommend this place to you. The pleasure is certainly even greater in the summer when you can enjoy the same place under the big platan.

As far as we noticed, all taverns have secured parking for their guests.

You can read more about Agios Prodromos here.