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nikiti pijaca sitonija
Published May 13, 2017 no comments

Market places in northern Greece

Some people say that markets reflect the soul of the city. Perhaps markets are no longer what they once were, but still they are very popular in touristic areas, both for tourists and the local population. The reason for this are, above all, lower prices of fruits and vegetables,...

blue flag beach neos marmaras sithonia halkidiki
Published May 13, 2017 no comments

Beaches with a Blue Flag (2016.)

The "Blue Flag" program leads an independent non-profit organization Foundation for Environmental Education, based in Copenhagen, where there is international coordination of the program. The Blue Flag is a symbol of high environmental standards as well as high-quality sanitary and safety conditions at beaches and marinas. An integral part of...

kalamaria thessaloniki (1)
Published May 13, 2017 no comments

Kalamaria in Thessaloniki

One of the most beautiful parts of Thessaloniki, Kalamaria, was named after our princess Mara Brankovic, daughter of despot Djuradj Brankovic and Byzantine princess Irina Kantakuzine. Mara among the ordinary people was highly respected, not only because of her status and wealth, but also as a very capable, generous and...

lidl supermarkets greece
Published May 12, 2017 no comments

Lidl supermarkets in Greece

Famous German supermarket chain Lidl has a large number of stores in Greece. Stores are open from Monday to Friday from 8-21h, on Saturdays from 8-20h. Some stores are open on Sundays too. Lidl Perea, Epanomi and Nea Mihaniona in Thessaloniki are open from 10-18h during the season (June-September), and...

vlatadon monastery thessaloniki (8)
Published April 10, 2017 no comments

Easter at Thessaloniki

Every year there are more and more tourists who spend Easter holidays in Thessaloniki. In Greece, there is an unwritten rule that Easter is spent on countryside and Christmas in the city. For Easter holidays the Thessalonians really go to the cottages or houses that their parents or they themselves...

meteora monastery  (4)
Published November 8, 2016 no comments

Grand Meteora Monastery

Jovan Uros Nemanjic Palaeologus (monastic name Joasaf) was born in Thessaly in 1350. His mother was a Byzantine princess, Maria Palaeologus, nice of Byzantine emperor Andronicus II Palaeologus, while his father Sinisa Uros Nemanjic was a step brother of the Serbian ruler Stefan Dusan the Mighty. Sinisa was the...

santorini island
Published March 23, 2016 no comments


Santorini is located in the Aegean Sea and the southernmost island of the Cyclades island group. The island covers an area of ​​76km2, and is one of the largest marine extinct volcanoes in the world. On this most romantic Greek island, you will enjoy in this exquisitely clear waters while...

face card 1
Published November 8, 2015 2 comments

Telephone calls

On Thassos there is a lot of phone booths from which one can make calls using the classic HALO cards, and the use of so-called "Face" (talk-talk) cards, which operates by typing the password and the numbers printed on the back of the card.

Classic HALO...

Zagorohoria, Greece 29
Published October 19, 2015 no comments

Zagorohoria, Greece

Zagori consists of 46 villages. The name "Zagori" is slavic and means "beyond the mountains". The architecture of all villages are defined by stone and wood, what you can notice on pictures. Villages of Zagori are built in the area of Tinfi, Pindos and Mitsikelli, so the nature of this...