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road to greece via vlasina lake and bulgaria  (1)
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train thessaloniki belgrade
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Train to Thessaloniki and Greece

Train from Belgrade to Thessaloniki is active again during the summer period, after few years of occasional breaks. This train to Thessaloniki runs to Gevgelia only, from where transport to Thessaloniki is organized by bus. The train runs every day in period from June 13th until September 20,...

wifi in your pocket
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Mobile Internet

Every year we get many questions about internet for mobile phones during summer in Greece. Most tourists have problem with the use of the internet, both in accommodation and on the beach, in cafes and restaurants that offer free Wi-Fi. The reason for this is usually the large number of...

wedding in greece 3
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Weddings in greece

Greece is on the list of the most popular European countries for weddings. Many consider it a romantic destination because of its natural beauty and attractive seaside ambience, as well as specific traditional customs. Santorini is the most popular place for a romantic wedding but many other islands such as...