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wifi in your pocket
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Mobile Internet

Every year we get many questions about internet for mobile phones during summer in Greece. It is interesting that companies rarely offer options that are convenient for tourists, and it is obvious that in Greece during the summer there are tens of million of tourists. Usually packages for tourists have free...

travel insurance 4
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Health insurance

During vacations or short trips abroad, unexpected inconveniences, accidents or illness can occur. The costs associated with the necessary medical treatment can be very high. Therefore, when planning a holiday, it is necessary to provide yourself with travel insurance that covers sudden illness and health complications. When purchasing insurance, it...

global blue tax free greece
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Tax free in Greece

One of few advantages of being a citizen of non EU countries is having the right to be refunded for tax of goods bought in EU countries. There are some restrictions for tax refund, not all goods are tax free. What is tax free? It is a chance to get...

museums in greece
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Museums in Athens and Thessaloniki

Greece is a country with one of the oldest histories in the worls and it is considered to pbe the cradel of the civilisation. There are almost 18 localities on the Unesco World Heritage list. You can find the remainings in each part of the country and that is...

road to greece via vlasina lake and bulgaria 9
Updated August 23, 2018 12 comments

On the way to Greece

For many people holiday starts with preparations and traveling to the destination. In order to make a trip to Greece enjoyable, to not be overwhelmed an to arrive safely, it is recommended to make frequent breaks or overnight stay on a halfway. The possibilities of accommodation on the way...

sales in greece
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Sales in Greece

It is well known that the Greeks are excellent merchants. Many neighbor countries are coming to Greece because of shopping. For most of tourists, one vacation can not be finished without at least one day of shopping, especially if it is the period of sales. Many tourists are planning...

pets on greek beaches
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Traveling with pets in Greece

All the owners of the pets understand eachothers about wishing to share all nice moments with them, including vacation and travelling. Before you start your holiday to Greece with dog or cat or some else pet, it is necessary to prepare. First of all your pet needs to be vaccinated, chipped....

solun beograd voz
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Since May 2017 the railway line Thessaloniki-Belgrade has been re-established. The train runs every day and departure from Belgrade is at 18:50. From Thessaloniki to Belgrade is at 18:15. The one-way ticket price without seat reservation is 33,80€ (you can reserve a seat for an additional charge of 3€). The...

DSC 1858
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Summer in Greece

Sometimes the holidays in June and September were considered as holidays outside of the season. It's not like that nowaday. Accommodation capacities were fully booked from June 20 to September 10. Both the first half of June and the second half of September are quite demanding, but more and...