There are several good options for a break on the way to Greece.

Veles is one of the largest cities in Macedonia and is located very close to the highway. To reach the city center and restaurant Snupi, that we recommend, it takes about 15 minutes to drive off the highway.

Pastrmajlija is a specialty of Macedonian national cuisine characteristic for eastern Macedonia. Expectedly, there is a “war” about its origin - whether it is from Veles, Negotino, Stip.

It’s a kind of a pizza or Turkish pide, has an elongated shape. The dough base is very tasty and soft, thicker and greasier then pizza dough. The filling are small pieces of meat. it is usually spilled over with an egg.

In the past, the filling was from dried sheep meat called pastrma, from there the name comes from.

By recommendation of the locals, we have tried the pastrmajlija in Snupi restaurant in Veles and we are very satisfied. If you like this dish or if you like to try something new, you have our reccommendation.

The price of a small pastrmajlija (enough for one average person) is 120 denars (2 euros), the medium is 150 denars and a large 200 denars.

The address of the restaurant is Ljubljanska 2. The residents of Veles say that the restaurants Scorpion, Kaj Dace, Baze piti and Roze Sala are excellent in preparing this specialty.

You can try also a delicious pastrmajlija in Kumanovo, in the restaurant Baba Cana, and in Dojran (at the exit from Novi to Stari Dojran), in the restaurant Kaldrma.

If you prefer meat, you must have heard of the famous lamb in the village of Mrzenci, near Gevgelija.

Here is how one of our guests describes his experience: “When returning from Greece, I recommend to everyone the restaurant Javor Agapi in Mrzenci (Macedonia). When you enter the country, take the first exit on highway to Gevgelija. You will enter the village and go right for 2km after the first traffic circle, and finally, you will find the best lamb in the Balkans! It’s not a waste of time, because it is only a few kilometers more than usual, and the meat is always hot and phenomenal. P.S. There are other dishes as well, but it would be a shame not to try the lamb. We return here every year we will not change this habit!”