If you like to cook and they say it’s interesting and if you don’t like, you can go to Parga cooking classes for Greek traditional dishes.

In fact, at Parga, the old olive oil factory (museum), along with the owners and other tourists (usually groups of about 15 people) you can participate in the preparation of Greek dishes with the owner’s instructions. After cooking, all prepared meals are served to all participants, and during the preparation you can enjoy local wine. In addition to cooking, you can learn a lot about olive oil production through the centuries, but also try different types of olive oil and learn how to differentiate and evaluate quality.

The program runs from 6pm to 11pm and I don’t know the price :)
The next day, you will receive photos and recipes by email.
If any of you happen to be, let him share his impressions with us.

For more information and photos, visit their website at the following link.