Epirus is located on the west coast of the Ionian Sea and represents a mountainous area dominated by a mountain wreath of Pindus whose peaks reach over 2000m altitude.

The area of Epirus was inhabited in prehistoric times, and even now, archaeological sites from the Bronze Age can be visited.

The term Epirus means land, as opposed to Corfu and the Ionian islands.

Tourism is increasingly developing branch in Epirus, but it is interesting that Epirus is still much better known for winter, ski tourism than for summer-coastal one.

The city of Ioannina is the administrative center of Epirus, and the most important tourist destination is Parga.
The most famous cities and places that are interesting to us from the tourist perspective, are the following: Preveza, Kanali, Vrachos, Kastrosikia, Parga and Igumenitsa.
Ioannina does not have a sea approach, but it is worth a visit. It’s a very nice university city, but it’s also a tourist one. It is located on the lake Pamvotida, which is famous for the inhabited lake island to which you have regular boat lines.

Preveza is the administrative center of Preveza municipality, a significant port with a significant development of tourism in recent years.
Kanali is a small town near Preveza, which is developing rapidly due to several kilometers of long beaches, as well as Kastrosikia.
Vrachos and Loutsa are two places on the same beach. These sites have the greatest potential for tourism because they are located on the most beautiful sandy beach on the Ionian coast.
The well-known Parga is the center of the tourist offer in Epirus.
Sivota is a small town surrounded by beautiful beaches, while Igumenitsa is a very important port both in Epirus and in Greece. Igumenitsa is the entrance to Greece for the large number of tourists from Italy.

On the whole move from Preveza to Igoumenitsа, there are one after another fantastic beaches, many of which are long and shrouded in trees and natural shade. Since tourism in this region has not yet reached its peak, many of these beautiful beaches are still unknown to a large number of visitors to this region. The Ionian coast in the Epirus region is a paradise for fans of less commercial and non-urban beaches.

The Epirus region offers tourists the opportunity for a diverse and active holiday. It houses several artificial lakes, such as the great Amvrakikos bay, which is also the national park, the Acheron- mythical river, the mountain village and the ski center Metsovo. Once you find yourself in this area, be sure to visit the Meteora Monasteries, the remains of the famous city of Nikopolis, some of the 5 fortresses, museums, the Zalongo monument, the Acheron river springs, the Nekromantion …

Vacation in the region of Epirus offers the possibility, in some of the excursions or on your own, to visit Corfu, Paxos and Antipaxos, Peloponnese, Albanian coast, Kefalonia, Lefkada, direction, to ride the Amvrakikos Bay and see dolphins, try rafting on the Acheron River to which the winding path leads you through the innumerable plantations of lemons, oranges and mandarins … You can also visit the renowned cave of Perama near Ioannina.