In this text we will describe the route by car from Belgrade to Nea Moudania, the first place on the peninsula of Kassandra. We won't talk much about the road through Serbia, because we assume that this part of the road is known to all.

You will follow the highway to Grdelica Gorge, which is also the hardest part of your journey. At the exit from the gorge only a short part of the road around Vranje is not completed. The total price of toll through Serbia in 2017 is 1090 dinars.

In order to enter Macedonia you need an ID card, as well as a green card for your car. it's obligatory to drive with your headlights on throughout the day. There are three toll stations, which will cost you 4.5 euros or 200 denars. They receive coins again, but no less than 50 cents. Our advice is to have cash with you to pay for the tolls because it is cheaper.

Also, pay attention to speed limits because there are plenty of traffic patrols, especially during the summer.

The journey through Macedonia is my favorite part of the road because it is the most picturesque, and at the same time it's not that long to get bored. Driving through the Pcinja valley and the separated highway lanes, then the Vardar valley, vineyards and plantations on both sides of the highway, with impressive mountains that you can see in the distance make this ride very interesting :-) Through Macedonia you can hardly miss the road because you have nowhere to turn from the highway and you just need to go straight or as it seems to me - downhill :-) If you want to make a break for lunch or even spend the night, Macedonia is a great choice. Hotel Pamela is located in Negotino, very close to the road and is an excellent choice for lodging or lunch. More information about this hotel can be found on this link. The highway, 20km long (from Negotino to Demir Kapija) is currently being repaired (2017) and vehicles are being redirected to the main road, which is not that good.

Important information for Macedonia

  driving without headlights on 35€
  usage of phone while driving 45€
  unfasten seat belt 20€
  passing through the red light 300€
  speeding 30-50 €

Fuel - season 2017

  Super 97 1.06€
  Diesel 0.82€
  LPG 0.40€

At 551km from Belgrade, we reach the border crossing Bogorodica. At about 500m from the crossing there is a new toll station where the toll is 1.80e. Police in Greece are not so frequent, but be sure to pay attention to all the rules and limitations since the fines are high!

Here are the most important information:

 it is not obligatory to have headlights on
 usage of phone while driving 100€
 unfasten seat belt 350€
 passing through the red light 700€
 speeding 100-350€

When you enter Greece, there is a slightly worse main road that leads to Thessaloniki, but quite wide, which many for overtaking through the same strip. At 603km from Belgrade you will see the first exclusion for Thessaloniki, but here you should continue driving straight, because with this exclusion you would enter the city and crowd. On the 613th kilometer there is the next exclusion, where you should continue straight to Thessaloniki, and the right leads to the Olympic region (Leptokarya, Paralia ...) or the Ionian coast (Corfu, Lefkada, Parga ...). At 625 km, you have a exclusion on the right for Kavala and Halkidiki. You only continue straight, but be sure to pay attention to signs that are well placed. At 654th km, you have another exclusion on the right for Halkidiki and then immediately hold onto the left side as another sharp turn right leads to Thessaloniki. From here, follow the signpost for Nea Muodania (at 710km from Belgrade) in which, when you arrive, you will encounter the sign on the right for Sithonia, and you continue driving straight and follow the signs for the place that you want to visit in Kassandra.

Fuel - season 2017

 Super 97 1.50 - 1.55€
 Diesel 1,30€
 LPG 0,85€

P.S. An international driving license for Greece is no longer needed, and the green card for Macedonia is still necessary.

Have a nice trip!