If you are planning to spend your summer vacation on Thassos, we have some good news for you.

thassos ferry

In recent days, there has been talk of reopening the old ferry route to the island of Thassos, from Nea Peramos to Skala Prinos, and this initiative has been launched by the local population.

The port of Nea Peramos is located in the municipality of Pangeo and is only 4 km away from the junction on the Egnatia Odos highway. The port is not located in the urban part of the town, and the boats currently departing from there to Thassos only transport fuel and goods in emergency cases.

The number of tourists visiting Thassos has been increasing year after year. All visitors arrive on the island via existing ferry lines, and the increase in passenger traffic to the island in the last 15 years has been enormous.

Establishing this ferry line can solve the problem of congestion in downtown Kavala, as well as on the road to Keramoti, especially during the summer period.

thassos ferry

This ferry we are talking about would operate from Nea Peramos to Skala Prinos on Thassos for about an hour, which is half an hour shorter than the existing route from Kavala to Skala Prinos, and it would also shorten the journey by about 20 kilometers for those staying in Potos, for example.

If you are coming to Greece via North Macedonia and entering through the Gevgelija – Evzoni border crossing, in case of opening the new ferry line, you would drive about 11 km less, and when there is no congestion, you would shorten the journey for about 15 minutes. As you know, during the tourist season, there can be traffic jams, so you can spend much more time on this last leg than the navigation suggests.

If you arrive on Thassos via Bulgaria, the route would look like this:
The journey to the new port would be shortened by 10 minutes when there is no congestion in Kavala, and if there is congestion, it would be much longer.

We hope that this request will be accepted and that a new ferry route will be opened by summer, in order to make our journey to Thassos shorter and easier.

Thassos is a popular choice for our tourists for summer vacations. If you haven’t visited it yet, we recommend that you learn more about this beautiful island in our travel guide. If you decide to visit it, take a look at the accommodation options we have to offer. For those vacationing on Thassos, this will be good news because the journey to Thassos will be shortened.

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