The tourist offer of Halkidiki peninsula, as the most popular destinations for Serbian tourists who spend their holidays in Greece, is generally known. There are a few places that during the summer season are not “overwhelmed” by guests from Serbia. This, on the one hand, is good for them because they feel “like home”.

However, there are those who are attracted by peace, a relaxing atmosphere, the feeling that they are treated in a special way “according to their taste”…

This text refers to such a place: Cafe shop KUDU. The beach in front of this bar in 2018 received the Blue Flag for the purity of the sea and the coast!

KUDU is located on the “first finger” of Halkidiki - Kassandra, on the side facing the Olympic region (not far from the Sani Beach complex, the most prestigious resort of Halkidiki, in the direction of Siviri, one of the favorite destinations of Serbian tourists who love this part. The side of Kassandra is characterized by fewer tourist centers and hotels, but by private homes in the coastal area. Due to the small number of hotels and apartments, the beaches of this part of Kassandra will at first glance look “empty” comparing to the other side, where the beaches during the summer season are crowded.

In one of such places, under the name of Mola Kaliva, you will find KUDU:

The oasis of greenery of unreal beauty, but the result of a real effort, in a positive sense, is different from everything you can see in this part of Greece. If the beauty of the sea and the sky were taken care of by nature, the hosts took care of the ambience of this place: discreet to invisibility, but kind and nice owners. If you enjoy the beach during the day (pebbly, lovely clear sea), or in the area around the bar (surrounded by carefully groomed greenery), you will enjoy in the service and ambience additionally enriched with carefully selected music (which completes the “personal stamp” of this place). In the evening, the KUDU turns into a place where discrete light, the mentioned music, the sound of waves and the view of the sea merges into a superb - unforgettable and unique-enjoying.

You dream of a romantic wedding by the sea in a place decorated at the level of Hollywood films - and this is possible, thanks to the ability and imagination of the host, the space turns into a scene of unforgettable moments of family celebration.
If you expect relaxation from the vacation, escape from the challenges of reality, expecting attention that you can not feel surrounded by hundreds of swimmers - come here … You will not regret it…