A very important part of Lefkada’s cultural heritage is its traditional cuisine and traditional products.

In the villages of Dragano and Atani, exceptional thyme honey is produced and can be purchased from producers in the village itself as well as at local shops in Lefkada. In addition to thyme honey, small quantities of almond and citrus fruits are also produced. In August a honey festival is organized in the village of Dragano.

Eglouvi village is famous for its lens, and this agricultural product is the most famous Lefkada product in the world. You can also buy lenses at local stores. The lens festival is taking place on August 6th.

At an altitude of 200 to 700m, grapes of the rare Vertzami type are grown, from which the best wine in Lefkada is made.

Viticulture was once the most profitable business in Lefkada. More ancient writers mentioned wine from Lefkada. Famous wines from Lefkada are Mavrodaphne, Giomatari, Patrino. Sfylogo Winery is an organic wine maker and is open for visits (visits must be announced).

The Lefkaditiki Gi and Karsaniko wineries are also open for visits, with organized tours through vineyards and a complete wine production process. Karsaniko also has a small museum. In all the mentioned wineries you can taste and buy wine.

Lefkada has a long tradition in the production of quality olive oil and olive products, and there are numerous plantations of oranges and lemons on the island.

Lefkada also makes delicious sweet plates with honey and hazelnuts or almonds called Mantolato (nougat) and sesame pastels.

For meat lovers, smoked sausages and salami have been produced in Lefkada since the Venetian Republic.

Sumada or Somada is a refreshing drink made from bitter almonds with the addition of special spices, and Rozoli is a liqueur that also has a long tradition. It is made from oranges and cinnamon.

At Lefkada bakeries, you can buy “ladokulura”, special cookies with olive oil, as well as “ladopita”, a pie with olive oil.

The most popular restaurant and cafe on Lefkada is Rachi. It is located in the village of Exantheia and offers a fantastic view of the sunset from the restaurant terrace. The restaurant is on a hill and you feel like sitting at a cloud level. A great choice for a similar type of restaurant is T ‘Aloni in the village of Hortata (Chortata) from where you can enjoy fantastic food and view.

Seaside Restaurant near Nidri (Geni Village) is one of the restaurants that has great food and good value for money. The restaurant is located right by the sea.

The best restaurants in Nidri include Pomodoro (pizzeria), The Barel Apollon and Basilico.

If you are in Lygia visit Seven Islands Restaurant, Nikiana Pantheon, Vasiliki Vagelaras Tavern and Batzanakia, Agios Nikitas T’Agnantio.