Mount Enos, Kefalonia’s national park and also the highest point of the western coast of the Ionian Sea, extends at an altitude of 1628m and is located in the southern part of the island.

There are numerous legends about this imposing mountain. It is believed that the terrible dragon Lukisas once lived on the rocks of the mountain, but also that the goats that live there have golden teeth.

What is certain is that the mountain is extremely rich in both flora and fauna, that it is full of underground canals that collect rainwater during the winter, and thanks to that part of the island is supplied with water that makes it green despite long, warm and dry periods throughout the year. .

There are also a number of wild horses on the mountain, believed to be descendants of an extinct breed of Thessalian horses. The soil of this mountain is extremely favorable for the growth of the famous Robola grape variety, from which the famous wine is produced in the winery at the foot of the mountain and which you can also visit, and is open for tasting and shopping.

Thanks to the roads, which are extremely good in this part of the island, you can reach the top of the mountain very easily by any means of transportation, so if you are not in the mood for hiking, you can park your vehicle and walk to a viewpoint with a beautiful view of the sea and beaches in southern Cephalonia.